Baja Clavius Paperback Released

The full, complete version of Baja Clavius written by Madeira Desouza is in paperback today in worldwide release exclusively on Amazon. It is big, thick, and uncut — 700 pages. This is controversial science fiction adventure about time travel agents with very bad behaviors. They are violent and immoral men. A few hundred years from […]


Scroll Down Secrets and Spoilers Intended for adults 18+ only. For those who want additional insight and guidance from the author/illustrator. This is not a substitute for reading the short book series.   Ted Avila is sent in a time machine from the moon in the 23rd century to Bullhead, Arizona in the 1990s. Ted […]


Baja Clavius — the story This is intended for adults 18+ only. At its most simple level, Baja Clavius is about repairmen. These repairmen have a fairly unusual job, however, compared to repairmen who fix washing machines or computers. They are repairmen who use a time machine to travel on missions back to the past […]