Masculine Men in Peril

If you like what you see here at my Baja Clavius site, I invite you to see my distinctive imagines depicting masculine men in peril elsewhere online: MEN IN PERIL NOW DESOUZA OF VEGAS FREE PUBLIC BLOG DEVIANT ART — DESOUZA OF VEGAS

Artist & Author Madeira Desouza

Let me tell you about myself so you can understand who I am, why I create the works that I do, and how all this relates to my creating wild science fiction time travel adventures. If you would like to contact me, I will respond to email sent to me at   About My … Read more

Provocative Science Fiction

I accept that my creative works—and bara in general—will not appeal to a “mass audience” in the gay world. Some gay men have said that they especially like how I depict men so realistically. Others not so much. I accept that gay men who prefer feminized men and the many related affectations and behaviors of … Read more