Baja Clavius Paperback Released

The full, complete version of Baja Clavius written by Madeira Desouza is in paperback today in worldwide release exclusively on Amazon. It is big, thick, and uncut — 700 pages. This is controversial science fiction adventure about time travel agents with very bad behaviors. They are violent and immoral men. A few hundred years from […]

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 The storyteller and artist, Madeira Desouza, will give you a FREE copy of all five eBooks in an unboxed set intended for adults 18+ only. What’s the catch? You need to agree to write a review. Contact him by email at for details. Post your Baja Clavius comments, reviews, and responses below:

Storyteller and Artist

I am Madeira Desouza, a gay man living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I produce creative works as a storyteller and artist intended for adults 18+ only.   Interview Why did you get started doing digital illustrations so late in your life? Madeira Desouza: I was in my 30s when personal computers became available to the […]