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Images — Book 5

Baja Clavius Book 5: A Blood Moon Rising Episode 21: Penis Envy Ranch   MMDI Director Thomas Burke appears at The Naked Dead Guys Bar after his death. MMDI Director Thomas Burke is restored to life at Baja Clavius. This gigantic blue marble statue stood in an international museum in

Images — Book 4

Baja Clavius Book 4: No Time Yesterday Episode 14: Ownership of Souls Episode 14 theme image. The newest MMDI time travel agent, Dani Zaman, is transformed in the crew showers at the lunar base beneath the crater Clavius. How former MMDI time travel agent Dani Zaman looks after having been

Images — Book 3

Baja Clavius Book 3: Mission to Today Episode 9: Colors Blue and Red   Episode 9 theme image. Time travel agent Ahiga Akalii waits naked to be noticed standing at the entrance to the MMDI crew quarters. Time travel agent Ahiga Akalii in action. Time travel agent Ahiga Akalii in

Images — Book 2

Baja Clavius Book 2: Foregone Tomorrows Episode 6: Power Over Men   Episode 6 theme image. Agent Black. Agent Green. Neutralizing a threat. A Mexican drug gang leader. What has happened in the Bullhead Gym. Young dead soldier from Arizona. Nicholas Cruz, dominator. The famous yellow towel. Looking at Matthew

Images — Book 1

Baja Clavius Book 1:Moon Men Deep Inside Episode 1: Bare Feet Kick the Sky   Episode 1 theme image.   Map provided by time travel agent Ted Avila showing locations in the American Southwest for his missions to change the past. This Arizona bodybuilder is the focus of missions by


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 The storyteller and artist, Madeira Desouza, will give you a FREE copy of all five eBooks in an unboxed set if you will agree to write a review. Contact him by email at desouza3d@gmail.com. Post your Baja Clavius comments, reviews, and responses below:

Storyteller and Artist

I am Madeira Desouza, a gay man living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I produce creative works as a storyteller and artist. This photograph of me is from San Francisco at the 2017 Queers & Comics Conference at California College of the Arts. Profile of Madeira Desouza A majority of artists


Baja Clavius is a queer science fiction adventure about a time travel agency codenamed Moon Men Deep Inside (MMDI).