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This is intended for adults 18+ only. At its most simple level, Baja Clavius is about repairmen. These repairmen have a fairly unusual job, however, compared to repairmen who fix washing machines or computers. They are repairmen who use a time machine to travel on missions back to the past to fix timelines.

In Baja Clavius the main reason for the existence of time travel is not to take the reader on a showcase of dazzling technology that produces grand and sweeping high concept adventures. No, not at all.

The time travelers in Baja Clavius are repairmen whose missions are to change people and events in the past to keep timelines from becoming worn down and generating chaos for humanity. What matters most is the human adventures that they experience as men—not that they are on top-secret time travel missions from the 23rd Century.


22nd Century

2190 – Chinese explorers discover an unknown substance beneath crater Clavius on the moon. They name the substance lunar blue.

2191 – In Nanchang, China time travel experiments using lunar blue result in a mass casualty event later named the “Nanchang Blue Inferno.” This motivates China to end all their time travel experiments.

2191 – Immediately following the Nanchang Blue Inferno an agency codenamed MMDI is formed by the most wealthy and powerful nations on Earth (excluding China) for the purpose of developing time travel. A lunar base, nicknamed Baja Clavius, is established beneath crater Clavius for the location of the time travel operations to avoid problems for time travel caused by Earth’s gravity. For the next 94 years, MMDI sends agents from Baja Clavius to the past on Earth to correct timelines as part of an ongoing effort to prevent human civilization from destroying itself in the future.

23rd Century

2284 – A discovery is made proving there is extraterrestrial interference that jeopardizes MMDI time travel operations at Baja Clavius. All time travel missions are halted while efforts continue for 47 years to find a way to end the extraterrestrial interference and restart missions to correct timelines on Earth.

24th Century

2331 – Baja Clavius is destroyed resulting in significant loss of life on the moon and the end of time travel operations from the lunar base. MMDI continuity of operations protocols immediately take effect in a top-secret base inside Yucca Mountain in the state of Nevada. A young computer memory scientist already employed by MMDI in Washington, DC, is brought to Yucca Mountain so he can lead the investigation into what happened on the moon. The scientist goes on to create a second generation MMDI time travel operation on the moon at Baja Clavius.

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