Sexual Behaviors

Science fiction is famous for characters, behaviors, and ideas that venture way beyond the envelope of conventional storytelling. These are well-known realities celebrated by science fiction writers and readers alike.

I chose to push the boundaries far beyond what I imagined some readers would find objectionable in science fiction written with gay male themes and characters.

The men in the fictitious world of tomorrow that I created for my science fiction time travel adventures are far more violent and preoccupied with sex compared to what we know to be true today of gay men.

The time travel agents I created find man-on-man sex pleasurable, yes, but they sexually manipulate men as part of their secret mission to change the past. Sometimes they behave as bullies. Sometimes they force themselves sexually upon unwilling men. There is sexualized violence in this fictitious world of tomorrow that I have created. Are you ready for any of this?

Gene Roddenberry Wisdom

Sometimes it is important to go where no man has gone before, as you’ve heard it said. I interviewed Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in Los Angeles decades ago when I was producing a radio documentary. He admitted to me that he had deliberately toned down the depictions of human sexual behavior and moral codes of Captain James T. Kirk and other characters in the original Star Trek. Roddenberry was not hesitant to tell me that he wanted the audience in those days not to be put off. But, here’s what he as a writer believed would in the future become acceptable sexual behaviors and moral codes: People will have sex with whomever they chose and not have to deal with societal guilt trips.

Beyond Roddenberry

I chose to be more fluid and dangerous with depicting human sexuality than Roddenberry allowed with Star Trek from the 1960s to his death in 1991. I depict gay male characters who enjoy sex with men and put them in storytelling situations in which they behave in ways we today would consider to be sexually immoral and in direct violation of many current laws. I believe that morale codes and laws in the future will barely resemble what we’ve got today.

Just Say “No” to Feminized Gay Males

I also depict gay male characters who are masculine. They behave and speak in ways that are recognizable as masculine. In my science fiction time travel adventures I deliberately avoid depicting any feminized gay men who talks like females talk or who behave like females behave. I have just said “no” to depicting feminized gay males. Period.

In contrast to what you will easily find elsewhere, the gay characters that I create are without common stereotypes and clichés associated with gay men in the culture of the United States of America today.

Let me be politically incorrect and spell things out clearly: In my work you won’t find any limp-wristed, feminine-acting gay men like you find on American television [Finding Prince Charming], and in film [Blazing Saddles].

If you are entertained by those stereotyped traits in gay men, then I know you will not be happy with my writing or my illustrations. What I create and produce is for gay men who prefer their men to act like men—not act like women.

The controversial and explicit nature of my masculine male illustrations intended for gay men has since 2008 attracted attention and some negative responses. This I accept. You are going to be someone who either likes what I do or are completely turned off by it. There is no middle ground. But, I promise a very wild ride to all who venture out into the stunning near-future world that I created.

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