Baja Clavius

illustrated science fiction by Madeira Desouza


Listen to Madeira Desouza in his own voice tell you how Baja Clavius came to be:


Madeira Desouza says: Let me take you back to the origins of my storytelling about time travel agents on the moon. I began writing in 1990 towards the ultimate full-length novel. But before I settled upon a title for what I was writing as the time travel adventure Baja Clavius, I initially created a precursor story. It was not even within the science fiction genre.
After over 20 years of rewriting I ultimately published Danny Muncaster Gay Cowboys Blog online. In this 100-page novella you will see the beginnings of characters and situations I later expanded upon in Baja Clavius.

Baja Clavius Amazon Kindle Version

Baja Clavius is available as a downloadable eBook for Amazon Kindle.


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