Madeira Desouza says:

Since 2008 I have been creating images to enhance readers’ enjoyment of my writing in the science fiction genre. Here are ten images that demonstrate my work as a digital artist:

Hanged by the neck until dead.

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If you want to see more, visit my Gallery with Notes featuring images accompanied by my text descriptions and comments.

About Baja Clavius Images

Madeira Desouza says: I work with computers and software (not pens or pencils or paint brushes) to create illustrations. I aim for my digital illustrations to be as photorealistic as possible, yet the subject matter that I choose to explore certainly is not intended to represent accurately the physical world that we all occupy. Quite the opposite. I attempt to create digital illustrations that depict characters and situations from an imaginary world that can exist only in a person’s mind.

The many images I created for Baja Clavius are about science fiction and time travel. One cannot go out and use a camera to capture what it looks like when humans travel in time. So, my digital illustrations provide highly visual depictions of impossibilities.