Challenges of Being a Gay Male Storyteller and Illustrator

Because I’m a gay male storyteller and artist/illustrator, I have had to accepted many challenges lurking in the dark unknown ever since I began the process of writing long-form science fiction. What emerged after many difficult years in development is Baja Clavius, my novel-length storytelling about time travelers who are gay men. I’m sharing this […]


You can download each of the five Madeira Desouza Baja Clavius short science fiction time travel adventure eBooks individually at today for adults 18+ only. Getting the eBooks instead of the paperback version saves you money. The eBook format is intended for those of you who prefer to read using a device. Baja Clavius […]

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 The storyteller and artist, Madeira Desouza, will give you a FREE copy of all five eBooks in an unboxed set intended for adults 18+ only. What’s the catch? You need to agree to write a review. Contact him by email at for details. Post your Baja Clavius comments, reviews, and responses below:


Scroll Down Secrets and Spoilers Intended for adults 18+ only. For those who want additional insight and guidance from the author/illustrator. This is not a substitute for reading the short book series.   Ted Avila is sent in a time machine from the moon in the 23rd century to Bullhead, Arizona in the 1990s. Ted […]


Baja Clavius — the story This is intended for adults 18+ only. At its most simple level, Baja Clavius is about repairmen. These repairmen have a fairly unusual job, however, compared to repairmen who fix washing machines or computers. They are repairmen who use a time machine to travel on missions back to the past […]


Diversity and Inclusion Commentary by Madeira Desouza   Baja Clavius is queer science fiction for adults 18+ only with an unusually strong diversity minus stereotyping. There is no racism here at all like you will find in real life wherever gay men can be found. In Baja Clavius major gay male characters are masculine gay […]


Baja Clavius is a queer science fiction adventure about a time travel agency codenamed Moon Men Deep Inside (MMDI).

Desperate White Supremacists

We may all easily recall Desperate Housewives, the 2004 to 2012 television series on the ABC network. But, we may not be sufficiently savvy to perceive desperate white supremacists in these United States. Perhaps this commentary will shed some light on the topic that may become a network television series, too, in the not-so-distant future […]