Challenges of Being a Gay Male Storyteller and Illustrator

Because I’m a gay male storyteller and artist/illustrator, I have had to accepted many challenges lurking in the dark unknown ever since I began the process of writing long-form science fiction. What emerged after many difficult years in development is Baja Clavius, my novel-length storytelling about time travelers who are gay men. I’m sharing this […]

Baja Clavius Paperback Released

The full, complete version of Baja Clavius written by Madeira Desouza is in paperback today in worldwide release exclusively on Amazon. It is big, thick, and uncut — 700 pages. This is controversial science fiction adventure about time travel agents with very bad behaviors. They are violent and immoral men. A few hundred years from […]

Images — Book 5

Baja Clavius Book 5: A Blood Moon Rising   Images are intended for adults 18+ only.   Episode 21: Penis Envy Ranch   MMDI Director Thomas Burke appears at The Naked Dead Guys Bar after his death. MMDI Director Thomas Burke is restored to life at Baja Clavius. This gigantic blue marble statue stood in […]

Images — Book 4

Baja Clavius Book 4: No Time Yesterday   Images are intended for adults 18+ only.   Episode 14: Ownership of Souls Episode 14 theme image. The newest MMDI time travel agent, Dani Zaman, is transformed in the crew showers at the lunar base beneath the crater Clavius. How former MMDI time travel agent Dani Zaman […]

Images — Book 3

Baja Clavius Book 3: Mission to Today   Images are intended for adults 18+ only.   Episode 9: Colors Blue and Red   Episode 9 theme image. Time travel agent Ahiga Akalii waits naked to be noticed standing at the entrance to the MMDI crew quarters. Time travel agent Ahiga Akalii in action. Time travel […]

Images — Book 2

Baja Clavius Book 2: Foregone Tomorrows   Images are intended for adults 18+ only.   Episode 6: Power Over Men   Episode 6 theme image. Agent Black. Agent Green. Neutralizing a threat. A Mexican drug gang leader. What has happened in the Bullhead Gym. Young dead soldier from Arizona. Nicholas Cruz, dominator. The famous yellow […]

Images — Book 1

Baja Clavius Book 1:Moon Men Deep Inside   Images are intended for adults 18+ only.   Episode 1: Bare Feet Kick the Sky   Episode 1 theme image.   Map provided by time travel agent Ted Avila showing locations in the American Southwest for his missions to change the past. This Arizona bodybuilder is the […]

Storyteller and Artist

I am Madeira Desouza, a gay man living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I produce creative works as a storyteller and artist intended for adults 18+ only.   Interview Why did you get started doing digital illustrations so late in your life? Madeira Desouza: I was in my 30s when personal computers became available to the […]