Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside

Author and Artist Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas mashes up the bara underground art genre with science fiction time travel adventures

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This mashup of the bara underground art genre with science fiction time travel adventures literally creates an out of this world experience for readers. Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside by Las Vegas author Madeira Desouza in Las Vegas evades comparison with other science fiction storytelling you may have encountered. A gritty, quasi-militaristic time travel agency located beneath the crater Clavius on the moon sends agents on missions to the past on Earth. The agency’s only goal is to change timelines in history to prevent a self-destruction of human civilization during the 23rd century. The bara genre adds a rich dimension of gay male same-sex behaviors in which masculine male characters behave in realistically aggressive, not romanticized, interactions. Time-travel agents use sexual manipulation of men as a dependable tactic to alter the outcomes of history. [About the author and artist]

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Coming in Summer 2021, the sequel to Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside will be released.

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Book Information:

Title:  Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside (Special Edition)
Author:  Madeira Desouza
Publisher:  independently published; sold on Amazon
Release date:  August 23, 2020
Cover artist:  Madeira Desouza
Buy on Amazon:  downloadable eBook | paperback book version
Genre:  Sci-fi, time travel
Pairing:  man-on-man sexual encounters
Tags:  gay, masculine men, bara genre
Length:  approx. 185,400 words
Warnings:  violence, aggressive gay men, bara genre


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6 Comments on “Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside

  1. I was born and raised in Russia. So I completely identify with the character named Mikhail Volkov in this novel. He primarily thinks of only himself and his attaining sexual satisfaction as often as he can. He deserved a lot of intense physical punishment for his poor choices in his life. I was happy to read his much-deserved fate.

  2. This is fascinating science fiction storytelling. The characters are realistic and very sexy. Their behaviors may be uncivilized by today’s standards, but it sure is a lot of fun to read about what they do in bed.

  3. Loved this book! Made me stay hard for hours, ready for rough sex with other men.

  4. Yours is an usual website. I am a man and I find your words and images arouse me sexually. Now I need to get myself off thanks to you.