Baja Clavius
was written and illustrated by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas intended for adults 18+ only. Why this is for gay adult males. The stories are about young male time travel agents who work for a top-secret agency code-named Moon Men Deep Inside (MMDI) located beneath the crater Clavius on the moon. You may want to start by looking at the hundreds of images created by the author.

Baja Clavius is fun, stimulating, sexy, provocative, and a very wild ride.

What if you could change the past to make the present and the future better? Would you sacrifice the lives of people from yesterday to improve the lives of people tomorrow? An international agency (MMDI)  located deep beneath a crater on the moon sends male time travel agents back to the past to repair timelines. They use sex with other men to alter events in time. But, there are unintended outcomes!


Paperback Book Available

The big, thick, and uncut Baja Clavius is available in paperback exclusively from Amazon.

There are many benefits of having a paperback book that you read as compared to using a device. You look cool and smart, for instance, if you walk into a room carrying a paperback book. Getting this paperback book brings all 26 episodes of Baja Clavius together for the very first time.

This is controversial science fiction adventure about time travel agents with very bad behaviors. It is for adults 18+ only. A few hundred years from now, these time travel agents work within a top-secret agency located beneath the crater Clavius on the moon. Their time-travel missions take them to Earth in the past where they ruthlessly manipulate men who are targeted for their roles in historical events.

baja clavius 5 book covers

All 5 Baja Clavius eBooks contained in the paperback also are sold separately.

Baja Clavius is similar in storytelling style and tone to the works of Russell T Davies (Cucumber and Banana, Doctor Who and Torchwood on the BBC), and, to the works of author Christopher Trevor.

Here you will experience radically different storytelling from standard cause-and-effect fiction. Baja Clavius is true to the bara underground art genre. One recent comment about my stories says it all quite clearly: “Your kind of stories are truly not found elsewhere.”

Registered copyright certificate (TX 8-423-630) effective date May 31, 2017 in the United States Copyright Office, Washington, DC.

Madeira Desouza says: Most writers will admit what I admit here: We do not like violence and exploitation in everyday living. We write about violence and exploitation. It’s fiction. It’s only pretend. It’s only art. It’s merely make-believe. I suspect that what I’ve created probably will not be made into a traditional Hollywood movie or television show because the story and characters do not fit into the framework of major motion pictures or television shows that tell science fiction stories. Yet, I definitely can imagine this would make show business sense as a series of episodes for streaming on Amazon or Hulu or Netflix.

Here is How High The Moon — theme song for Baja Clavius:

Baja Clavius

Set a few hundred years from today, Baja Clavius transports you to a world not like our own. Male time travel agents are valued for the work they do. These time travel agents are doing noble work that they believe will save our species. However, in the real world in which we presently live, the time travel agents’ behaviors are considered immoral and illegal. Is the future of the human species worth using immoral and illegal behaviors?

The Baja Clavius short book series is not like any storytelling you have experienced. It is for adults 18+ only. You will be unable to set these stories down once you start reading them!

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