Baja Clavius

illustrated science fiction by Madeira Desouza


Baja Clavius, written and illustrated by Madeira Desouza, is a bara visual novel where you see naked muscular men in unrestrained sex with each other—not some watered-down cliché gay-boy-meets-gay-boy story like you can find everywhere else.
Baja Clavius is controversial science fiction storytelling unlike what you have encountered elsewhere. A couple of hundred years in the future, muscular and masculine gay male time-travel agents work for a top-secret agency codenamed MMDI situated in a deep underground base beneath the lunar crater Clavius. If compared to today’s behavioral norms, these young men appear to be devious and deceitful. They work on missions to the past that force changes upon Earth history. Their actions may be immoral and sometimes violent, but the ambitious purpose of MMDI is to repair timelines from yesterday to prevent human civilization from descending into chaos and self-destruction tomorrow.
Madeira Desouza’s storytelling is similar in style and tone to the works of Russell T Davies of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Cucumber and Banana fame as seen on the BBC.

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What Readers Are Saying:

* * * * 4 out of 5 stars:  “Gay science fiction enthusiasts can expect a treat when they read Baja Clavius. How time travel alters past events is shown by the author revisiting scenes which have different outcomes. This technique is normally associated with great movie directors such as Akira Kurosawa in Rashomon. The reader must be prepared for masculine characters to engage in frank sex; some are not nice to one another.” — Amazon Australia paperback book customer.
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Naked Men with Muscles are the Main Highlight: “Baja Clavius by Madeira Desouza is a science fiction erotica. The story is about a secret organisation named MMDI, at the end of the twenty-third century, which sends men with high cognitive flexibility, to the past. In the past, they attempt to change great disasters by sexually manipulating other men, who somehow are linked with the impending catastrophe and thus in doing so, they prevent the disaster from ever happening in the first place. The story matures through seven hundred pages, where several dark secrets about [MMDI] and their agents are revealed.
If you have a problem in reading graphic descriptions of how big muscular men feel pleasure by having sexual intercourse with other men, you should not read this book. In the few hundred pages, the author did not shy away from writing about male sexuality. In fact, it is omnipresent in this book.
The time travellers enjoy eternal youth and gain pleasure from having intercourse with other men. The cover of the book seems weird at first, but after reading the story, you will understand that naked men with muscles are the main highlight of this book. The story is good. For one, there is a bit of mystery all around, and as the story progresses, it gets more and more mysterious. The characters fit in the story well, and the ending is decent and makes sense. The story describes the early twenty-first and late twentieth century, so the setting looks familiar and well set. And also, this is a time-travelling agency which uses gay sex to undo disasters, so the author deserves full credit in the creativity department.” —
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Baja Clavius is more than out of this world—it evades comparison.” —
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