Baja Clavius — the story

Baja Clavius 5 book covers
A time traveler from the 23rd century is on a mission to change what happened in the past. He knows that he was sent in a time machine by a powerful agency to the late 1990s on Earth.

Here he is:

He is the narrator of the story. The main problem for him is he seems unable to stay out of trouble no matter what he chooses to do while at work. He concludes that he must be suffering from traumatic brain injury brought on by repeated time travel. That is the best explanation he can find to explain why his memories about himself and his action taken during his time travel missions are all jumbled up.

He struggles to complete his missions even though he becomes convinced that time travel is causing his mind to deteriorate. For security reasons, the time traveler cannot reveal his true identity to anyone. Of course, he cannot ever admit that he is from the future on missions to change the timelines of the past. So, he relies upon his interactions with other men to help him discover who he really is, and, what actions he must take complete his missions successfully so that he can return to his home century.

He knows that whatever actions he takes on time-travel missions to change the past can have a ripple effect forward into the future. If he makes the wrong decisions based on faulty memories, he will cause more harm than good. He also know that he will be sent back in time by the agency for which he works to correct mistakes he has made in the past.

The greatest and persistent problem for him is that his memories about the past include alternate versions of how things turn out. The time traveler does not know for certain with whom he needs to interact to succeed on his missions. Nor is he completely confident about which past events he is supposed to leave as is. He learns to trust few others.

All of these challenges complicate the life of a time travel agent whose work is to fix timelines in the past to create a better life for all of us in the future.

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