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Secrets and Spoilers

baja clavius 5 book covers

Intended for adults 18+ only. For those who want additional insight and guidance from the author/illustrator. This is not a substitute for reading the short book series.

Ted AvilaTed Avila is sent in a time machine from the moon in the 23rd century to Bullhead, Arizona in the 1990s.

Ted is a gay man. He has been given one particular mission to change men’s behaviors using sexual manipulation of them. The desired outcome is to change what happens in April 1995 in the domestic terrorism incident in Oklahoma City.

Vincent Wauneka, also a gay man, is a native-born Navajo. He shares an intensely pleasurable sexual relationship with Ted. In Bullhead, both men join a gym and become clients of a particular personal trainer, Carlo Zarelli, who introduces them to performance enhancing drugs (steroids) as were commonly used by males at gyms especially during the 1990s.

Vincent Wauneka

We learn that both Ted and Vincent serve as time-travel agents. They are employed by the mysterious and highly-secretive international military agency called MMDI—code-named “Moon Men Deep Inside” based on the initials.

MMDI sends its all-gay men on missions to change the past on Earth through the use of regular sexual manipulation of men by men. The rationale for changing the past is MMDI computer models that prove human civilization on planet Earth will descend into chaos without MMDI continually “repairing” timelines in the past.

Vincent and Ted hanged

In the line of duty on such repair missions to the past, both Ted and Vincent repeatedly are killed—most often by being hung by their necks until dead. MMDI brings both men back to life using time travel. In Arizona they discover widespread ritualistic hangings taking place in the 1990s, which everyone knows did not actually happen in United States history. The two time travelers keep being sent back to the 1990s in Arizona by MMDI to attempt to change history so that there will be no ritualistic hangings in the late 20th century—how everyone knows events in history were “supposed to” turn out.

But, Ted is not a patient man. He becomes obsessed and angry with his employer after many deaths and MMDI resurrections that both he and Vincent are forced to experience. Ted strongly believes that he is suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and significant memory losses resulting from time travel, even after repeated assurances by a medical doctor at MMDI that Ted is perfectly healthy.

Personal trainer beheaded

The personal trainer for both Ted and Vincent frequently goes to a Mexican border town on the Arizona state line to buy steroids that he then sells at the Bullhead gym. On one such shopping trip to the farmacia, a Mexican drug gang removes his head. Ted makes several attempts to use time travel to change the past specifically so he can prevent the execution of Carlo Zarelli in that border town by a drug gang. But, Ted learns about an impossible choice he must face. If he spares Carlo from beheading, Ted will bring about the direct outcome of an increase in the number of casualties at the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

As with the mafia, there is no way for a person to quit working at MMDI. To give meaning to their suffering and get back at at their employer, Ted and Vincent conspire to take sensitive, top-secret details about the time-travel agency for release to the public in the 20th century. Their intent is to make the general public aware of the presence of MMDI in this misguided attempt at revenge against their employer.

Vincent travels to the past to persuade writers to craft a science fiction novel and movie screenplay with embedded secrets about MMDI. He is successful. But, the outcome of releasing such top-secret details in the 20th century is not what Ted and Vincent expect. MMDI prevails in secrecy and power. Now Ted and Vincent believe that their lives are in jeopardy because they fear MMDI will likely seek retribution.

But, all priorities are shifted on the day that MMDI discovers alien life of high intelligence from another galaxy is responsible for leaving a substance on the moon that was used to make possible human time travel technology. Ted and Vincent are assigned to investigate after time travel missions start suffering from interference apparently initiated by the alien life. Against their will, Ted and Vincent are deliberately injected with alien DNA by an MMDI scientist. Was this the attempt at retribution that both time travelers feared would happen? Their enhanced DNA gives both men the ability to travel in time merely using their minds without any technology whatsoever. While being examined in the medical section of Baja Clavius, Ted and Vincent die suddenly in an apparent accident.

Dani Zaman

A third MMDI agent, Dani Zaman, also receives the alien DNA without first giving his consent. His body does not handle the alien DNA very well. Zaman lapses into a rage that results in him destroying the Baja Clavius MMDI base before drowning himself in the Pacific Ocean.

Marvin Mainer, an employee of MMDI in Washington, DC, is recruited to investigate why and how Zaman destroyed the Baja Clavius base.

Marvin Mainer

Mainer is brought in from his office job in Washington, DC to the top-secret underground Yucca Mountain, Nevada base of MMDI. He reluctantly becomes a time traveler after he is assigned by MMDI to investigate how the lunar base was destroyed which killed all personnel living there.

Mainer’s findings explain why the lunar base was destroyed: Alien life manipulated Dani Zaman after he received their DNA. They forced Zaman to bring about the destruction of Baja Clavius. Their reason was that the technology to send MMDI agents on missions to change the past had unintended consequences—violent damage was done to the aliens’ home galaxy during each instance of the use of time travel technology on the moon. The most simple solution was for the aliens to manipulate Zaman to destroy Baja Clavius to stop the violent damage.

Mainer becomes the fourth MMDI agent to receive alien DNA without giving his consent. Unlike the original three MMDI agents (Ted Avila, Vincent Wauneka, and Dani Zaman) who received alien DNA, only Mailer manages to survive.

Like Ted and Vincent had shown was possible before their deaths, Mainer also learns how to travel in time using only his mind. Drawing upon his newfound knowledge and experience, Mainer travel back in time to prevent the Chinese from ever developing time travel. Instead, Mainer creates a second generation of MMDI to restart time-travel operations (without the use of machinery or technology) to change timelines of the past on Earth and prevent chaos from overtaking human civilization.

One major catch for this second-generation of MMDI agents is that each man much agree to accept a very painful injection of alien DNA that is also both permanent and not reversible. The chief incentive is that if they survive the presence of alien DNA, they will be forever young men and immortal, not to mention becoming top-secret time-travel heroes.

Mainer is rewarded for his efforts by being appointed the new Director of MMDI. He successfully re-establishes a new Clavius moon base where MMDI agents may live and travel in time without using technology.

Vincent Wauneka, Ted Avila, Dani Zaman

Mainer repays the loyalty and service of the three MMDI agents who were the first humans to receive the alien DNA by bringing them into the corrected timeline at the re-established moon base and puts them back into rotation as time travel agents working for the new MMDI.

Not surprisingly, several MMDI agents at Clavius base become fixated with thoughts about the alien life whose DNA runs through their veins. They start a religious cult comprised of MMDI agents on the moon. The cult’s purpose is to praise, honor, and worship the alien life, which they call “The One True Blue God.”

The One True Blue God

The cult starts forcing MMDI agents who are not believers in the religion to worship the aliens to have unwanted orgasms before killing them.

author /illustrator

Such violent tactics motivate the MMDI agents who are not cult members to defend their base with a vengeance. Violent anti-cult battles erupt at Clavius base as the two factions fight for dominance. The base is once again threatened with total destruction.

The alien life intercedes and MMDI agents work with them using time travel to neutralize the cult and save Baja Clavius from being destroyed by the violence. For the first and only time, a new leader of MMDI is put in charge by the aliens, not by the consortium of nations that funds the agency and the moon base.

personal trainer

The new Director of MMDI is Edward Primero. He immediately implements a very harsh workplace culture at the lunar base using sexual manipulation and rape. He becomes the most powerful and successful leader of the base because he intolerantly dominates all the young men who work for him on the moon.

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