Secrets about the Plot

Ted AvilaTed Avila is sent in a time-travel device from the 23rd century to Bullhead, Arizona in the 1990s. He is supposed to change people’s behaviors and events in that timeline which have an impact upon the April 1995 domestic terrorism in Oklahoma City.
Together with Vincent Waunkea, who was born on the Navajo Nation reservation but now lives in Bullhead, Ted gets involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs (steroids) as some bodybuilders will do.
Vincent Wauneka
A Bullhead gym personal trainer named Carlo Zee sells the drugs to both Vincent and Ted, but at first, neither man is aware that they other uses steroids.
Carlo Zee
Ted Avila discovers that Vincent Wauneka is also a time-travel agent like himself. Both men work for a mysterious and secretive international agency called MMDI.
Ted Avila and Vincent Wauneka
Time travel apparently is a physically dangerous activity. Ted Avila becomes upset and angry at his employer because of an apparent memory loss Ted is experiencing. Ted believes that he has traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from so many time-travel trips to the past from the future. To get meaning to his suffering and get back at MMDI, Ted convinces Vincent to take sensitive, top-secret details about MMDI and release it to the public. Ted’s hope is to make the world aware of the presence of MMDI in his misguided attempt at revenge for suffering traumatic brain injury. Vincent tries to persuade writers to craft a science fiction movie screenplay with embedded secrets about MMDI.
Both Ted and Vincent repeatedly are killed while on missions to the past, usually hung by their necks until dead.
Vincent and Ted hanged
But, MMDI uses time travel to resurrect both men giving them a genuine immortality. Ted discovers that his chronological age far exceeds his self-perceived age of around 30. Ted and Vincent end up visiting the afterlife following repeated deaths. Their destination is the Naked Dead Guys Bar, which exists in another dimension where all dead people go when their life on Earth is finished.
Meanwhile, a discovery is made that proves conclusively it was extragalactic alien life of high intelligence that left a substance on the moon that was used to make possible human time travel. Ted and Vincent are injected with alien DNA by the scientist working in Switzerland who discovered the existence of the alien life, but they do not survive very long as hybrid human/aliens.
Dani Zaman
A third MMDI agent, Dani Zaman, also is given the alien DNA. His body does not handle the DNA very well. He lapse into a rage and ends up destroying the Baja Clavius MMDI base.
Marvin Mainer (nicknamed “M”) had been hired by MMDI to work in Washington, DC before Baja Clavius was destroyed.
Marvin Mainer
He is brought in to the top-secret Yucca Mountain, Nevada base of MMDI to investigate how the lunar base was destroyed which killed all time travel agents there.
His findings prove that the destruction of the lunar base was for one simple reason: Alien life manipulated Dani Zaman to bring about the destruction of Baja Clavius because each time the base used its technology to send agents on missions to change the past, unintended damage was done to the aliens’ home galaxy that they could not stop. After the base was gone, the ongoing damage to the aliens’ home galaxy also was gone.
“M” becomes the fourth MMDI agent to have the alien DNA in his blood. But, unlike the previous three who had alien DNA (Ted Avila, Vincent Wauneka, and Dani Zaman) only Marvin Mailer remains alive until he resurrects all of them using time-travel technology.
Vincent Wauneka, Ted Avila, Dani Zaman
One of the unexpected benefits of the alien DNA is that a human can time-travel to the past and to the future without the use of any technology. Drawing upon what he learns about the alien DNA, “M” creates a second generation of MMDI to restart time-travel operations to change timelines of the past. One major catch for this next generation of time travelers is that agents who want to work at MMDI must agree to accept an injection of alien DNA that is both permanent and not reversible.
As the new Director of the new MMDI, “M” re-establishes the Clavius moon base where agents can live and depart without using technology on time-travel mission to change the past. A group of MMDI agents at the lunar base start a religion whose purpose is to worship the alien life far from Earth, but some agents are not ready to accept a religion connected to extraterrestrials.
The one true blue god
Violent clashes erupt at Baja Clavius that end suddenly in a second destruction of the lunar base and the deaths of all MMDI personnel living there.
What remains of the MMDI agency is one lone agent who happened to be on assignment to the past in a large city in Europe. He goes into hiding to conceal himself and all information about MMDI from ever being discovered by anyone so that he will at least have a chance to live out his life peacefully.