Episode 3

Episode 3:
Unmerciful Blades


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Episode 3 theme image.

Bullhead, Arizona motel scene.

Personal trainer Carlo Zarelli at the Bullhead Gym.

Time travel agents Vincent Wauneka and Ted Avila in a storage facility for the mysterious Lunar Blue substance.

Mexican drug gang member is ready to impale a young United States male in the jugular.

Mexican drug gang member in a border town.

Vincent Wauneka walks into the crew quarters at the MMDI lunar base beneath the crater Clavius.

Mexican drug gang member fucking the severed head of a young male from the United States in a border town.

Bonus Images

Outtake: Unused image of Mexican drug gang member nude, ready for sex.

Outtake: Unused image depicting what might happen in a Mexican border town to young males from the United States.

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