Episode 3 — All Worship the Blue

MMDI Director Thomas Burke stands naked outside the crew showers at Baja Clavius.

MMDI Director Thomas Burke (center) photographed with MMDI Agent Robert Brandt (left) and MMDI Agent Declan Andreas (right).
MMDI crew member is executed by a religious zealot while ejaculating at Baja Clavius.

MMDI crew members in close quarters have no privacy at Baja Clavius.

MMDI Agent Yotaro Tai, the leader of the religious zealots at Baja Clavius.

While on a mission to Geneva, Switzerland, MMDI Agents Ted Avila and Vincent Wauneka saw a gigantic statue of a naked blue alien male.

MMDI Agent Robert Brandt fucks the severed head of a Baja Clavius religious zealot.

After consistent sexual fantasies, MMDI Agent Declan Andreas finally gets fucked rough like he wanted by MMDI Director Thomas Burke.

MMDI Director Thomas Burke is tormented in his rack by MMDI Agents Ted Avila and Vincent Wauneka.

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