Episode 14

Episode 14:
Ownership of Souls


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Episode 14 theme image.

The newest MMDI time travel agent, Dani Zaman, is transformed in the crew showers at the lunar base beneath the crater Clavius.

How former MMDI time travel agent Dani Zaman looks after having been transformed by DNA from extraterrestrials.

Vincent Wauneka and Ted Avila wake up in an abandoned subway station somewhere on planet Earth.

Dani Zaman floats naked in a gigantic resort swimming pool somewhere in the Mojave Desert on planet Earth.

A young man enjoys the Mojave Desert resort swimming pool.

Many all-male pleasures are available at the Mojave Desert resort swimming pool.

Bonus Images

Outtake: Unused image of Dani Zaman seated in his rack at the lunar base.

Promotional image featuring the Dani Zaman character.

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