This is the full collection of all the Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside (Illustrated Novel) original images by author Madeira Desouza. Includes descriptions and many bonus images. Free for viewing online:

Episode 1 Images:  Bare Feet Kick the Sky
Episode 2 Images:  Dare Not Ask the Dead
Episode 3 Images:  Unmerciful Blades
Episode 4 Images:  Saluting Cowboy
Episode 5 Images:  One Who Owns the Keys
Episode 6 Images:  Power Over Men
Episode 7 Images:  Changing the Future
Episode 8 Images:  Forever Young Men
Episode 9 Images:  Colors Red and Blue
Episode 10 Images:  Navajo Wisdom
Episode 11 Images:  Naked Dead Guys Bar
Episode 12 Images:  Intruder Alert
Episode 13 Images:  Codename Exodus
Episode 14 Images:  Ownership of Souls
Episode 15 Images:  No Other Earth Man
Episode 16 Images:  World’s Smartest Man
Episode 17 Images:  The One True Blue God
Episode 18 Images:  Clavius Cowboys
Episode 19 Images:  A Man on His Knees
Episode 20 Images:  The Mortal Remains

Images for all the episodes of the sequel are embedded within the text of the pdf.