Episode 5 --One Who Owns the Keys

Episode 5 —
One Who Owns the Keys


Episode 5:
One Who Owns the Keys


[Official MMDI Transcript – Top Secret]

General Marcus Tagawa:  Mr. Avila, I am ready to close out the file you have prepared about your mission that culminated in Sedona, Arizona in 1991. I have read the text transcript of the debrief that you recorded as per the MMDI regulations. Now, tonight I need for you to give me your face-to-face account for the record here. What you say here also will be transcribed and added to your permanent record. First, before I forget, let me mark this official MMDI log that we are recording: General Marcus Tagawa, Director of MMDI. Seventeen minutes, forty-five seconds into the tenth hour, Luna Time. Nine, Fifteen, Twenty-Two Fifty-One. So, Mr. Avila, tell me in your own words about that particular mission in old Arizona.

Agent Ted Avila: Yes, sir. Thank you, General Tagawa. I presume you want to know about how I got back my full capacity to remember while on that mission.

General Marcus Tagawa: Well, of course. And, I’m not a patient man, so I hope you will get quickly to the point and don’t try to bullshit me.

Agent Ted Avila: Sir, I can report with confidence that when I returned here to 2251, I became aware that my previous memory problems were apparently cleared up. I have concluded that this resolution to my issues with a temporary loss of memory was made possible because of my interaction with a young man named Matthew Lejeune.

General Marcus Tagawa:
  You reported that he was a civilian. Some guy wearing a cowboy costume. He was 21, correct?

Agent Ted Avila: Yes, sir. 21 years old. No medical training. No university degrees.

General Marcus Tagawa: Simply put, you just wanted to fuck this young, good-looking cowboy. I see that. Plain as day. You find your target. You follow through. You fuck them. Or you make them fuck you. That’s what you do, Mr. Avila. You sexually manipulate men on your time-travel missions. Let the record show that you received mission details in your short-term memory to manipulate Matthew Lejeune.

 Agent Ted Avila: I remain, uh, somewhat confused about the exact mission details, sir. Memory problems at the time I began that mission.

General Marcus Tagawa:  Oh, really? How did you complete your mission if you were confused about the mission details?

Agent Ted Avila: Sir, my perception is that I did complete my mission to Sedona, Arizona.

General Marcus Tagawa: You don’t sound like you’re convinced.

Agent Ted Avila: I am convinced. For the record, I am telling you I felt convinced.

General Marcus Tagawa: I’m trying to get at the truth here. Your post-mission briefings say that you have had memory problems. What do you think you were doing there on that mission in Arizona in 1991?

Agent Ted Avila: Sir, I believed I was doing what I was supposed to do on that mission. I was supposed to manipulate Matthew Lejeune sexually. While I was with him in Sedona hiking towards Cathedral Rock, when my hand touched his as he was failing, I felt a surprising electrical energy from his body to mine. Other things happened afterwards. I reported this fully in writing to you already.

General Marcus Tagawa: Damn it, I want you to talk about it. Right now. While you are here with me in this room.

Agent Ted Avila: Yes, sir. During that exchange of electrical energy between him and me, I found that I had the power to replay many of Matthew Lejeune’s memories of his sexual experiences. That ability shocked me. It was so easy. I had complete control over him. I was able to feel what he felt during those sexual experiences over the course of his life. It was amazing, sir. The experience caused Matthew Lejeune to become sexually aroused as he stood there on that trail in Sedona. He knew that I somehow had gained temporary control over his memories and that I played back his memories of sexual experiences like I was playing back video recordings. He felt violated. He said he felt as if I had raped him.

General Marcus Tagawa:  A large part of your job is to manipulate men sexually. Any of them ever accuse you of rape?

Agent Ted Avila:  No, sir. I cannot recall any instance where—

General Marcus Tagawa: Of course you cannot recall any instances. That’s because no man ever accused you of raping him. This man was wrong. He may be unstable mentally, that’s all. This talk about rape does not belong in our discussion today. You do not seriously believe that you raped him, do you?

Agent Ted Avila: No, sir. I did have intimate, sexual experiences with him. I did not force myself upon him. He was a grown man like me. He knew what we were getting into. I used him sexually for my pleasure. But, no, that’s not rape. And he could not deny that he experienced sexual pleasure from that playback just like I had. So, I wanted more. And I felt that he wanted more. Sexual pleasure, that is. I rented us a motel room right there in Sedona so the two of us could have sex. Not just some video playback of his sex memories.

General Marcus Tagawa: What was it you were trying to get from Matthew Lejeune? What was the purpose of your manipulating him sexually?

Agent Ted Avila: While in that Arizona motel room, I discovered that his naked, masculine body was just as I seen in my mind when I played back his memories of his sexual experiences. His cock was impressive. Real thick, sir. His balls were especially large as if he always was producing semen nonstop—if you know what I mean. He lay on his stomach on the motel bed so that I could enter him from behind. That is what I wanted. He knew that is what I wanted and he wanted it, too.

General Marcus Tagawa: I mean, strategically. What was it you thought you would gain as far as your mission was concerned if you fucked him?

Agent Ted Avila: I knew there just had to be strategic gains for me. Somehow, I always know on every mission what I am supposed to do and who I’m supposed to get involved with sexually.

General Marcus Tagawa: How do you know that? You’ve had memory problems. I saw the medical report about you.

Agent Ted Avila: Yes, of course, sir. Traumatic brain injury. But, I can still do my job, sir.

General Marcus Tagawa: You’ve diagnosed yourself, Mr. Avila? Is that it?

Agent Ted Avila: No, sir. What I mean is: I know what I’m supposed to do on mission. I’ve been well-trained, sir. My field experience speaks for itself. I’ve developed some inner sense. I don’t know how to characterize it for you in words. How does a quarterback know what he is supposed to do on the playing field? His training and his experience matter more than anything. Well, and also his physical strength and abilities, sir. All sort of kicks in automatically on the playing field.

General Marcus Tagawa: That’s a fine analogy. Okay. But, you were not passing a football or leading your team of athletes. You also were not on a mission for recreational sex. You took advantage sexually of a young man in an Arizona motel room. How do you explain what happened?

Agent Ted Avila: Sir, I believed Matthew Lejeune was correct about being linked to me mentally. He was the one with telepathic powers. But, I brought to the table my intense mental training that enable me to succeed on my time travel missions. We got linked somehow. Mentally.  I wanted to disengage that mental link between Matthew Lejeune and me. I believed that if we had rough sex, the combination of physical and emotional energy required for that would disconnect him from me.

General Marcus Tagawa: So, you used sex as a way to help yourself recover. That’s creative.  Did you disconnect from that young man in Arizona?

Agent Ted Avila: I had never fucked a man in that way before. The mattress squeaked in a stereotypical way as I plunged into him as deeply as I could again and again. That one moment of complete physical honesty as I dominated this young, highly masculine man was—. Far beyond my capability to put into words, sir. It was an intensely pleasurable experience. I was in control of his sexual pleasure and that control felt amazingly good. Sex with me knocked him unconscious. Knocking him out is what disconnected him from me.

General Marcus Tagawa: In your written report about this, Mr. Avila, you characterized what happened as highly unusual. It was more than you just knocking him out. You could’ve just hit him over the head to knock him out.

Agent Ted Avila: Sir, it’s more than a little weird, sir. During his orgasm when I was fucking him, sir, Matthew Lejeune had an intense physical and emotional response that looked to me like it affected his entire his mind and body. He ejaculated like expected. But, in my experience, it was an unusually lengthy duration for any man to ejaculate. His face was buried in that motel bed pillow and he cried out in extraordinary pleasure. And he just kept ejaculating. I was pumping him, deep inside of him, so his extended orgasm caused me to ejaculate into him. At the moment of my ejaculation, sir, I felt the same energy exchange that I had felt when Matthew Lejeune’s hand made contact with mine. But, this second energy exchange was a lot more intense than what we felt when we were hiking towards Cathedral Rock. Like his extended ejaculation, the energy exchange continued as though it would never stop. My orgasm was normal. It was over after a few seconds like any man knows will happen. So, I pulled out of him. His orgasm stopped after I pulled out. When I was no longer in physical contact with his body, I felt the energy flow subside in me. I helped Matthew Lejeune flip over onto his back. Even though I was once again in physical contact with him as I helped him turn over, the energy in him did not start up again. Or, so I thought. As I stood there at the side of the motel bed, stunned by that energy and his extended orgasm, Matthew Lejeune started having another orgasm. But, this time, the duration of this second orgasm was unfathomable, sir. His body’s shuddering and shaking would not stop! His full erection remained strong. And he just kept ejaculating hands-free! I concluded that the energy exchange must have apparently been switched on in his body somehow. He ejaculated over and over and over again—longer than is supposed to happen. He kept on shooting until there was a blood mixed with his semen flying into the air and dropping back down onto his body and onto that motel bed. Matthew Lejeune’s entire body shook and bounced on that bed like he was being executed by electrocution. Wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure consumed his muscular body. I stood there next to that motel bed as I watched his body experiencing deep and penetrating pleasure. He writhed and arched his back over and over and over again. His toes curled and uncurled, then curled again and again. His large hands seemed to be completely uncontrollable through the spasms. His fingers splayed and then relaxed repeatedly. I could see the muscles in his biceps rippling with pleasure. His erect cock flapped up and down, back and forth, side to side. His semen and blood splattered everywhere as this orgasm lasted for what seemed to be ten full minutes. His once large balls looked like they had shrunk in size. Matthew Lejeune cried out my name just before he went unconscious.

General Marcus Tagawa: Well, how nice for you. Very special. You discovered that you two were disconnected after he passed out?

Agent Ted Avila: I was convinced of that, sir. Yes. I first concluded that Matthew Lejeune was so young that his body would survive such an intense physical and emotional experience. But, I also knew that he and I were disconnected at last. We were disconnected because we had orgasms during sex together. That’s the honest truth about what happened. I showered, got dressed, and stood there watching him lying there on his back on that motel bed. His erection subsided as I watched. His pulse dropped to just above normal. His face told me that he was lost somewhere deep inside his own mind and I knew that he would not be able to interact with me in that motel room. The disconnection was certain. I had to be sure. That was when I reasoned that I could not cause a security protocol breach by interacting with any other person in response to what had happened in that motel room. I had thought about calling a doctor. But, even if I had wanted to interact with other persons, I could not reasonably expect to explain to anyone that I had just saw Matthew Lejeune have multiple orgasms that lasted a quarter hour or so. Anyone would have concluded that I was deranged. My cover needed to be protected. Nobody could ever know what happened. Nobody could ever know that I was in that motel room. I had paid cash and signed the register with his name. Matthew Lejeune was alive when I left. He definitely was alive. But, he was stunned. I’m quite sure of that, sir. My duty was to come back home here to base. I was retrieved from that motel room in Arizona. Duty first above all else, sir.

General Marcus Tagawa: Save it, Mr. Avila. I don’t question your commitment to MMDI. You are one of our most valuable agents. Your record of successful missions is impressive. To say the very least. That is why I am going to protect you from further inquiry into this matter on Earth concerning Matthew Lejeune. I accept your explanation that duty kept you from potentially creating any breach of security protocols had you interacted with anyone after you left Matthew Lejeune in that hotel room. I also am convinced that you never communicated with anyone over the years about your experiences with Matthew Lejeune until now. But, I imagine you have thought about him. You no doubt have wondered what became of him. I can tell you this officially: Matthew Lejeune survived that day you left him in Sedona. He never married and was not known for having any relationships at all. He went on to develop quite a prominence right there in Sedona. There he gave lectures and wrote two nonfiction books on the subject of mind control. He lived a very full life for 89 years. He died in his sleep in the year 2060. He is a photograph if you want to take a look over there at that screen.

Agent Ted Avila: Yes, sir. Thank you, General Tagawa for telling me this. And for showing me that photo. I would not have otherwise known—. I’m feeling very emotional, sir. I thank you for your generosity here tonight.

General Marcus Tagawa: Well, just hold on. You and I are not finished here today. You are not yet out of the hot seat, as the saying goes. I value you as one of our top three agents. MMDI intends to keep you on missions to Earth. You’re providing a crucial service that benefits our entire civilization by repairing timelines in the past. However, MMDI believes that your memories have become a source of potential problems for this delicate line of work that you do for us. So, this won’t hurt a bit, as all good doctors always say to their patients. But, we are going to perform a set of procedures on your brain to partition off memories that we deem may interfere with your successes on subsequent missions.

Agent Ted Avila: Wait. What? Is that really necessary, sir?

General Marcus Tagawa: Yes, it is necessary, damn it. And that’s an order. You broke the connection with Matthew Lejeune in the Sedona motel room. But, what you do not know is: You and Matthew Lejeune are not completely finished. I cannot tell you anything more than that.  When you wake up, Mr. Avila, you will not remember this inquiry. You will not remember interacting with me. Perhaps you will also be unable to remember your interaction with Matthew Lejeune. For that, I express my apologies to you since I know that memories like those are particularly valuable to you and to your emotional well-being. But, the time you spent in Sedona constitutes only a few hours of your life. At MMDI our needs must always come first ahead of any agent’s personal life. You will perceive that you had some sort of traumatic brain injury. That will be the cover story as far as your subjective perceptions go. You may or may not remember having met me today or be able to recall anything that we discussed here. Thank you for service, Mr. Avila. It is greatly appreciated by this agency. The attending physician for your missions, Doctor William Oswald, will take good care of you.

Agent Ted Avila: But, Doctor Oswald is not a human being.

General Marcus Tagawa: Yes, I was not aware that you knew Doctor Oswald is merely a projection. But, even more frightening for you, Mr. Avila, is the reality that I can sit in my quarters and speak in my voice into one of our computer systems. And, what do you know? The voice of Doctor Oswald speaks my words as if they were his. In his wonderful British accent and all. So, you think you were talking with him all these times, but he is not an actual person. You have been interacting with me through his projection.

Agent Ted Avila: I have nothing to hide, General Tagawa.

General Marcus Tagawa: Well, how marvelous. You certainly are brimming with masculine confidence, Mr. Avila. Don’t show me one tiny bit of fear or weakness. Very good, Mr. Avila. I am impressed. But, you should know one thing: As the MMDI Director, I own you. I own your balls. And your cock. Most important of all, I own your mind. Pardon a weak turn of a phrase, Mr. Avila, but I am the one who holds the keys to unlock every aspect of every man who is stationed here at Baja Clavius.

You will hear the voice of Doctor William Oswald telling you in his comforting and soothing British accent that he is the one who holds the keys. It may sound better and less threatening to your ears. But, it is still me. It is really my voice, the voice of General Marcus Tagawa, Director of MMDI. I promise you that, Agent Avila.

Doctor Oswald will show you a photograph and he expects you to respond. Take a good look at this image on the screen and tell Doctor Oswald what you see.

“My answer is: I see Matthew Lejeune. I am beginning to feel dizzy. Am I being sedated, Doctor Oswald?”

“Yes, you are, Mr. Avila,” Doctor Oswald replies. “But, try not to worry. This is for your own good.”

“Having a hard time. Thinking. Clearly. Doctor Oswald.”

“Just go with this, Mr. Avila,” Doctor Oswald says. “Tell me what you see in the photograph of Matthew Lejeune.”

“Cannot. Be. He’s here. At Baja Clavius. He’s from Earth.”

“Yes, very good, Mr. Avila,” Doctor Oswald says. “Just needed to get a baseline response from you. Very good. Now, tell me what you see in this second photograph of Matthew Lejeune.”

“I saw. Him. Kingman hotel, Doctor Oswald. On my mission.”

“You saw him naked and erect like that, Mr. Avila? In the elevator lobby of that Kingman hotel? Is that what you are trying to say to me?”

“Confused. Saw him. Saluting. Me.”

“Yes, I can see that he is, Mr. Avila. This third photograph. One frame of video from the Baja Clavius security system. What do you see?”

“No. Cannot be. It’s Vincent Wauneka.”

“Yes, Mr. Avila,” Doctor Oswald answers. “Very good. Not a clear frame at all from the video surveillance. But, you can see Mr. Wauneka dragging the dead body of Matthew Lejeune across the floor here at Baja Clavius.”

“No! Not possible, Doctor Oswald.”

General Tagawa sits at a small desk in his personal quarters. He is speaking the words, but the voice that Ted Avila hears is that of Doctor William Oswald. “Yes, it is entirely possible, Mr. Avila,” Doctor Oswald replies. “Thank you for your cooperation, I have now mapped the exact locations in that brain of yours where you have stored all your memories of Matthew Lejeune. What do you think I’m going to do now that I know all those memories in those exact locations? No need to answer that, Mr. Avila”

“Very sleepy. Can’t keep. My eyes. Open. Doctor.”

“Ah yes, very sleepy,” Doctor Oswald says in his most soothing voice. “Let me finish these procedures here today. You can sleep soon. When you awaken, you will feel much better. You may not remember any of this. Let me give you a few lines of ancient wisdom. An Englishman like me can express this best. General Tagawa reads from a screen. Once again, the voice that Ted Avila hears is Doctor William Oswald’s: To die: to sleep; No more; and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.

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