Episode 20 --Painful Truths

Episode 20 —
Painful Truths


Episode 20:
Painful Truths


Someone who was very important to me wrote this a long time ago: Yesterday I was lost and I died. Today I am alive again. I accept the truth about foregone tomorrows and my resurrections from the dead.

I never met him. That would have been impossible. We lived in different centuries.

He was perhaps the single most influential time travel agent ever. He helped the secret profession of being a time travel agent. He also hurt us, too. Nobody knows these truths except me. Because I am the last of a long line of time travel agents.

I will be specific. I also will be careful. I very much want to remain alive after I share all this with you.

I want you to remember Agent Ted Avila. Theodore Joseph Avila was his full legal name. Everyone called him Ted. Few would dare call him Teddy to his face. He really hated being called Teddy.

I did for a living what he did. We both were agents who worked for a top-secret organization known by only four letters, MMDI. We agents had concocted a silly nickname for the agency, Moon Men Deep Inside, because our base was beneath the crater Clavius on the moon.

Agent Ted Avila was born in Sedona, Arizona. He joined the military and was recruited into a Special Forces unit. That, in turn, was how Ted Avila became an agent working for the top-secret organization.

You probably never heard of MMDI. Obscurity was built into the very essence of the organization. So, of course, now you’re concluding that all this is merely science fiction storytelling.

Everything about MMDI was supposed to be kept secret forever. But, things didn’t turn out so well for the ones who attempted to preserve and maintain all the secrecy. MMDI was destroyed from within. It no longer exists. I am not a time travel agent today. But, unlike everyone else from MMDI, at least I am still alive.

The purpose of MMDI was time travel. I previously worked as time travel agent. That was my job. I happened to be away from the moon on assignment in the year 2197. I cannot be certain of the exact year, but shortly after I began my assignment, our base of operations was destroyed and everyone except me was killed.

Where exactly was I when this happened? I choose not to be vague about that so I may keep on living. Secrecy protects my identity and my life. But, I can tell you that I was assigned on a mission in a large city in Europe.

As far as I know, from my vantage point, I am the only survivor from MMDI. I presume this to be true because I have never been contacted by anyone regarding the destruction of our MMDI base. I was not immediately aware that MMDI was gone since time travel agents do not have any regular contact with our moon base. But, after I successfully completed my mission, I knew something was wrong when I was never retrieved back to base.

I had been aware of rumors about one alternate MMDI location on Earth under a desert somewhere. It was supposedly run by a powerful computer without any humans present. That alternate location was intended to become activated to preserve all the MMDI files if anything should ever happen to the MMDI base on the moon. Maybe their organizational survival plans were faulty.

I don’t suppose a computer attached quite literally to a physical facility somewhere beneath a desert on Earth would have the mobile capability of reaching out to me. A computer can connect to a telephone network, get a dial tone, and do outbound calls. But, nobody at MMDI had a telephone number to call me in case of an emergency at work. All of us time travel agents could be tracked electronically thanks to implants attached to one of our bones. Yet, computers are severely limited in tracking us especially if we strive to remain off the grid like I have done.

That is what I did to save myself. I remain today in the same city in Europe where I completed my final mission. I am well-concealed here. There are many places here for me to hide in plain sight. I can be a bartender. Or a librarian. Or I can make a living renting my body to men for casual sex. Nobody is likely to find me here. I must be careful not to say or do anything  that will reveal I am from the future.

Happily for me, I am not one who stands out compared to everyday people around me. If you were to see me on the street or in a coffee shop, you would conclude that I am a typical European male who is around the age of 30.

Only if you spoke with me would you possibly discover that I speak 4 languages fluently, including the preferred language of the city in Europe where I now live.

I have chosen to share this with you using the English language, however, because doing so is the best way for me to reach the most diverse possible audience around the world. Agent Ted Avila wrote a first-person description in English of his work at MMDI. I came to possess what Agent Avila created because of my complete dishonesty. I stole it from MMDI after a couple of my fellow time travel agents told me where Agent Avila’s journal was secretly stored at the lunar base.

I have included all that he wrote herein. I have also included external information and reporting that was not available to Agent Ted Avila. The multiple sources represented herein give you the widest possible perspective on MMDI and what the agents did for the organization.

Some very compelling words written by Agent Ted Avila at the beginning of his first-person journal refer to his “resurrections from the dead.” It turns out that he was experienced at resurrections. We time travel agents never actually were allowed by MMDI to die. We all could be brought back to life after death by MMDI using the very same time travel technology that we used every day at work.

On that final day of MMDI operations, whenever it was, time travel agents who died was truly lost. There suddenly was no longer anybody around to resurrect them using technology. It is very painful for me to accept that Agent Ted Avila died in the line of duty while serving MMDI. He is never coming back. I have to accept that.

Harder still to accept is my own certain mortality. Since MMDI and time travel technology no longer exist, I can never be brought back from the dead. If I am careful, perhaps I might live another 50 or 60 years. But, I accept completely that I have already begun to age normally. Eventually, like all mortal men, the life I have known will end.

I will only be remembered because of having violated MMDI security protocols to make certain that all this would become available to the general public. I want everyone to know about time travel on Earth and about the inner workings of MMDI. But, nobody will ever know my name.

Making this available was more or less simple a simple act of placing it somewhere public where anybody around the world could find it. Being from the future has given me certain strategic advantages like knowing what technology to use in past centuries if I want to share information globally.

If you were to ask me to explain why MMDI was destroyed, my answer would be to speculate that the cause probably was organized religion. All of us agents specifically were trained to be full-functioning atheists. I guess it is highly ironic that the most likely reason why our MMDI base was destroyed happened to be organized religion.

A group of time travel agents formed an organized religion at the lunar base. Violent internal conflict erupted at base between religious versus anti-religious agents. I saw some of those clashes with my own eyes when I was at Baja Clavius.  I have to presume that violence ultimately caused the loss of all human life there.

Perhaps the end came suddenly when the entire base explosively decompressed and expelled all human life out onto the surface of the moon. That would be the easiest and quickest way to kill everybody. The total destruction of the lunar base had happened once before, so it is easy to imagine that it happened again. Only this time, there will be nobody to restart MMDI.

I cannot anticipate whether human explorers will ever again return to the moon in the future. The rumors about extraterrestrial life on the moon have had a very negative impact upon decisions by Earth’s national governments to send explores to go poking around to see what’s up there. But, if humans do eventually return to the moon again, and should they happen to select Clavius as a landing spot, the many corpses of young Earth men scattered in plain view will be extremely difficult to ignore.

It hurts me greatly to stop and consider that among the human remains on the cold ice of Clavius are several MMDI colleagues who, like Agent Ted Avila, are gone forever from mortal life. I want to honor their names by citing them here for you now in this final report:

Agent Vincent Wauneka died in the line of duty while serving MMDI. He was a full-blooded Navajo Indian who was born on the Reservation. Agent Wauneka was assigned to several MMDI missions along with Agent Ted Avila. They were involved in a romantic relationship, which was an extrene rarity at MMDI.

MMDI Director Marvin Mainer died in the line of duty while serving MMDI. He became director of the agency after he succeeded in restarting MMDI after the base on the moon was destroyed. His efforts to reform time travel after restarting the agency earned him the nickname of “the savior of MMDI.”

Agent Dani Zaman died in the line of duty while serving MMDI. He was of Arabic heritage. His joined MMDI after his entire family was killed during  Middle East regional terrorist attacks.

Agent Ahiga Akalii died in the line of duty while serving MMDI. He was a full-blooded Navajo Indian who was born on the Reservation and was known as one of the most profoundly wise time travel agents ever to serve at MMDI.

I salute the cherished memories of these men—Akalii, Avila, Mainer, Wauneka, and, Zaman. In my opinion, they were some of the genuine heroes of time travel operations at MMDI. And, now that they are gone, I worry about what may happen to humanity.

All of us at MMDI were taught that ongoing time travel missions sending agents to change the past were critical to the continuation of human civilization. We believed that human society on Earth would descend into chaos and ultimately destroy itself unless we at MMDI went back to Earth to the past to change history. That is why we left the moon each time to return to Earth. It was a temporary stay for us. We knew that. When we got back to our home on the moon, we always felt we had made a difference to all life on Earth. I want to go back to the moon where I belong.

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Baja Clavius — written and illustrated by
Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas

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