Episode 17 --The One True Blue God

Episode 17 —
The One True Blue God

Episode 17:
The One True Blue God


Em stands alone in 2194 in the center of a circular elevated platform inside a large military hangar that is sufficiently large to hold three or four jumbo jets barely touching wings. He looks like the most physically fit young man to be found anywhere on Earth.

The all-black uniform that Marvin Mainer wears represents the standard issue for MMDI. His sculpted and impressively muscular body tone cannot be ignored. His black boots emphasize his large feet aggressively positioned in an open stance.

A sharply focused artificial light from a fixture hanging above the elevated platform emulates the color of sunlight shining down upon him from the heavens. He says, “I am Director Marvin Mainer of MMDI. This morning in this top-secret military location here in the great state of Nevada, there are 258 of you young men standing here in front of me in darkness. The lighting in here is so low that I cannot see any of your faces at all. However, I know that each of you wears the same, singular item of clothing—identical white G strings so tight that they leave nothing to anyone’s imagination regarding the shape and size of your genitals.” Director Mainer pauses and waits to observe how many of the men respond by touching themselves below the waist.

“By the end of today, there will be only 25 or 30 of you who remain. I am describing a group of finalists who will be in consideration to be agents who will report to me for assignments working on time travel missions. But, do the math, boys. Over 200 hundred of you will not make it through.” Again, the director pauses and watch how the men respond. Some show no obvious indication of worry while others appear to descend into an immediate state of panic. Others touch their packages as if to reassure themselves that their manhood is safe.

“Time travel is severely painful,” Director Mainer explains. “Not being theoretical. I speak from personal experience. The pain to which I refer is both physical and emotional. Ideally suited for the rigorous physical and emotional trauma of time travel are males under the age of thirty who can repeatedly survive intense physical and emotional challenges,” he concludes.

“One requirement you may have heard rumors about,” the director says in an unemotional tone. “You may make it through the difficult process before you here today. But, I will select you as a finalist only if you also demonstrate specific physical and emotional skills in sexual activity with other men.” He explains, “These requirements are essential because time travel agents on missions must manipulate and control the behaviors of men. I expect you to become familiar with the ancient wisdom that teaches us all: If you’ve got a man by the balls, his heart and mind will follow.” For the third and final time, the general pauses in anticipation of how his audience will respond.

“Let’s begin,” he says. “If I call your ID number, I want you to come up here quickly onto this platform with me. A61009, and, B88554.”

A61009 is twenty-five years of age, Caucasian from Cleveland, Ohio. B88554 is dark-skinned, age twenty-four and from New York City. Both men have an almost identical beefy body type that an observer might conclude is suitable for athletes who are involved in professional wrestling careers.

Director Mainer turns to face the audience with his back to the two men and he says, “Each man up here received individual and private instructions with which to comply in the event that I say a specific keyword aloud. This will be a public version of similar tests that each of you will be put through in the next few minutes. The keyword is ‘Amsterdam’.” Without any apparent forethought, B88554 aggressively kicks A61009 in the balls with his left foot. Not surprisingly, this powerful kick causes A61009 to double over involuntarily before collapsing face-down onto the platform.

The director says, “Thank you, B88554. Get off the platform and go stand with the others.” Director Mainer helps A61009 get back onto his feet as B88554 gracefully jumps the short distance from the platform to the hangar floor. “I bet that really fucking hurt,” the director says to A61009, who stares at the platform with a deeply mortified expression and merely nods his head to indicate an affirmative response. “Give me your G string, A61009,” the director says quickly. A61009 complies quickly. As he accepts the young man’s undergarment, Director Mainer says, “Bring yourself to a full erection. I know you were just kicked really hard in the balls, but I expect you to comply with my orders.”

A61009 does not make eye contact with Director Mainer, but he answers, “Yes, sir,” and immediately starts manipulating himself to bring about an erection as he was ordered. In only a few seconds, A61009 has achieved a full, solid erection. He positions his arms and hands at his sides and aims his erection directly at Director Mainer.

“Impressive,” the director says with sincerity to A61009. “Now, B88554. Where did he go? There you are in the front row. I want you to get back up here on this platform.”

B88554 quickly return to the platform from the hangar floor. He has a look of fear on his face. “I want you to give me your G string, get onto your knees, and then I want you to perform suction on this impressive cock, B88554. As quickly as you can, I want you to make A61009 shoot his load into your mouth. And you are going to swallow all that he’s got to give you.” B88554 says, “Yes, sir,” and complies with the orders that he was given by Director Mainer. As A61009 ejaculates, he shouts at B88554, “I fucked your mouth!”

The director quickly says to the audience, “I want to hear a round of applause in appreciation for B88554 and A61009.” As the applause begins, Director Mainer walks over to help B88554 get back onto his feet. Then, the director stands in between both B88554 and A61009 and positions his large hands on the necks of the two men standing on either side of him on the platform. B88554 and A61009 respond with immediate expressions of fear as the general places sudden pressure on their necks to perform a respiratory knockout. Inevitably, B88554 and A61009 collapse unconsciously to the platform and the audience applause intensifies.

Director Mainer steps over the two men lying out cold and face-up on the platform and walks away to separate himself from them both. He looks out into the crowd and motions for the audience to stop their applause. Then he says, “I am ordering each of you right now to pick someone near you. It doesn’t matter whom you pick. Just pick anyone. Go two-on-one if you want. Or three-on-one. Use whatever physical means you have at your disposal. I want you to render as many men unconscious as you can right now. Do it.”

Wave after wave of unrestrained, random male aggression provoked by Director Mainer overtakes the crowd surrounding the raised platform where the general watches over the action. The shouts of men in pain and suffering becomes dominant in the hangar. Very quickly there are scores of bloodied, unconscious men scattered everywhere. Then an eerie quiet overtakes the 100 or so men who remain standing.

Director Mainer looks out into the crowd and says, “What a fucking mess you’ve made here. I expect each of you to drag those unconscious men over to the left side of the hangar over here.” The director points to a particular area of the hangar. It only takes several minutes for the victorious men to move the approximately one hundred unconscious men as ordered. Some of the men punch and kick the unconscious defeated ones who lie on the hanger floor. “That’s brutal,” the director says. Then, he adds, “Off to my right you see a large sliding door.” As he says this and motions with his right arm, the sliding door at the far edge of the hangar slowly opens with a terrible scraping sound of metal against metal. “I want all of you men to walk very quickly now through that sliding door. I will join you in there.”

He watches as the men obediently walk with deliberate intent at a fast pace through the sliding door. Then, the director follows them into an adjacent, slightly smaller hangar as the sliding door closes behind him while making the same unpleasant scraping sounds. He climbs up onto an elevated platform that affords him the necessary dominant position in front of and higher than the men in the crowd.

“D00665,” Director Mainer says in a loud voice. “If you are in this group of men, I order you to join me up here on the platform.” There is no response. “How about E88665. Are you present?”

“Yes, sir, I am present,” shouts a muscular young man from South America.

“Then get the fuck up here on this platform, E88665,” the director responds as he points to a position next to him. He watches E88665 climb up onto the platform. “How old are you?” Director Mainer asks E88665.

Veintiseis,” answers E88665 with a fearful tone of voice. Then, he quickly adds with more confidence, “I’m sorry, sir. I am 26 in English.”

“That’s fine, 26 in English,” the director replies with a grin. “Stand over here next to me.”

E88665 musters all the machismo available to him and walks over to stand next to Director Mainer, but does not attempt eye contact with him.

“Look into my eyes,” the director says. E88665 responds by lifting his head slowly and aggressively stares at the director from close range. “Excellent,” Director Mainer responds and then asks E88665, “Where were you born?”

Bogotá, sir,” E88665 answers quickly with a decidedly masculine tone obviously intended to convey his utmost confidence.

“Can time travel exist along with divine intervention?” the director asks E88665, who looks stunned when he hears the question. His utmost confidence has gone. Now E88665 just stands there undefended with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Sir,” E88665 answers slowly at first, but then picks up his rate of speech, “Perhaps the director is asking me—. Could time travel exist if there were some divine force to intervene in the lives of human beings on Earth?”

“Yeah, go ahead and answer that,” the director responds.

E88665 replies with caution, “Sir, some humans need and want a deity. And organized religions, too. Up there in the heavens. But, I am not one of them, sir. I believe that time travel is available to man without any intervention by a deity.”

“Very wise answer,” Director Mainer says quickly. “I’m not kidding, E88665. Let me see if your wisdom applies to other subjects. Let’s say you are on a top-secret time travel mission that required you to fuck a four-legged animal? Perhaps it is a goat.”

The look of intense confusion mixed with fear overtakes E88665’s entire face as he stands there in front of Director Mainer. He replies with zero confidence, “Sir, I believe that there are many terrible diseases that a man could get from from—. Well, you know.”

“You’re telling me you would not plunge your large cock into the anus of a goat—.” Director Mainer says aggressively. “To fulfill your time travel mission parameters. You would refuse to fuck that goat?”

“Sir, I assure you that I will always do what I need to do,” E88665 replies slowly. “I will never hold back at all. You can count on me, sir.”

“So, right now, I just happen to have a young goat tied up and defenseless,” the director asks. “A male goat. Ready for you to fuck. To prove your commitment to me. Right here on this platform in full view of a hundred or so men.” The young male goat tied up cries out in fear as if he has understood every word that the director said.

E88665 takes one step back from Director Mainer, who crosses his powerful arms in front of his chest as a show of displeasure. In a soft voice, he says to E88665 as he moves closer to him, “I wonder if any man in this group would be willing—.” The director notices that E88665 is swallowing hard and that his facial expression suggests he may soon break into tears. Director Mainer continues, “Willing to come up here right now and cut the cock and balls off this loser.”

This is the moment when tears begin to form in E88665’s eyes.

“Is J00843 in this group out there?” Director Mainer shouts out.

There is no response.

“How about K86300?” Director Mainer shouts as he turns to look at the men. “Is K86300 in this group? Don’t make me call out another ID.”

“Sir, I am K86300,” one man calls out in response.

“Get up here then,” the director says quickly. “Onto this platform right now.”

K86300 is a twenty-something, powerfully-built Pacific Islander. He quickly and confidently moves onto the platform near Director Mainer. “Yes, sir,” K86300 says.

“K86300, strip E88665 naked,” the director orders aggressively. “Where were you born?” the director asks him quickly.

“Yes, sir,” K86300 responds as he quickly shoves E88665 backwards to disorient him. K86300 then forcible removes E88665’s G string and tosses it into the crowd. “Director Mainer, I am from Samoa.” E88665 instinctively covers his crotch with his hands in response.

“Nice touch tossing that out there like that,” the director says with a chuckle. “So, tell me: In your nation of Samoa, are there any local customs you’re familiar with in which a victorious warrior will cut off the another man’s cock and balls after vanquishing him in battle?”

E88665 starts to cry softly as he stands on the platform looking completely shattered emotionally. K86300 swings his muscular right arm into E88665’s chest, knocking him backwards slightly. “No, director,” K86300 replies, “I am not familiar with any such customs among my people.”

Director Mainer looks disappointed. “What about rape?” he asks K86300. “Would you be willing to rape a man anally if that were a specific part of your time travel mission requirements? Just go ahead and just fuck him against his will.”

Suddenly, K86300 looks very frustrated and his confidence seems suddenly diminished. He looks at E88665, who now is crying visibly. “Well, sir, I do think fantasy rape works. If it really is in the mind only. There’s value in that. Can liven up sex between two guys. But, a man actually raping another man? Not sure. Not what I have ever done.”

“So, even if your mission required you to fuck a man up his ass against his will, you would not be able to do it?” Director Mainer asks quickly.

The young man remains silent. His face reveals that K86300 is absolutely certain now that he has failed. E88665 has started sobbing uncontrollably on the platform.

Director Mainer says with an aggressive voice, “I assure you that the missions you will go on involve far more physical and emotional challenges than anything you have seen here today. The point is to test you. That is why I am doing what I am doing here. To teach you. All of you need to get very serious if you want to qualify as an agent. But, the two of you do not qualify. Get out! I do not want to see you ever again. Get the fuck out!” The director shoves K86300 from behind so that he falls off the platform, but his plunge toward the hangar floor is interrupted as two men in the front row catch him in their arms at the very last second.

As K86300 and E88665 leave the hangar in disgrace, Director Mainer says: “Time travel missions to the past are crucial to the survival of Earth. This is the only human activity that will succeed in preventing Earth societies from descending into disorder and chaos. There are no political or religious agendas here whatsoever.” The remaining men in the hangar all look stunned by what they have just seen and heard.

“But, indeed we must change the past or we will kill our own future,” Director Mainer says in voice of increasing volume and emotion. “The choice is very real. I require a specific type of man who is unafraid and who can become totally devoted to accomplishing missions no matter what. I have not seen any of that type of man here today. I will restart the recruitment process tomorrow morning with a completely different group of men. You all are dismissed. No crying on the way out of here. If I see tears in any man’s face, I will personally cut his cock and balls off and force them down his throat.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

In  2196  in a dedication ceremony at the new MMDI lunar base deep inside the moon, Director Marvin Mainer stands alone on a circular elevated platform. He looks like the most physically fit man of age twenty-three that can be found anywhere on Earth. Through his all-black uniform his sculpted and impressively muscular body tone is evident to everyone. His black boots emphasize his large feet aggressively in an open stance. A sharply-focused artificial light from a fixture hanging about one meter below the elevated ceiling emulates the color of sunlight shines down upon the general in the center of the room. The modest assembly room is circular in shape to symbolize the moon and has sufficient dimensions to accommodate 25 or 30  young men who are dressed in clean, freshly pressed black uniforms and thick black boots. They each represent an individual interpretation of high physical fitness and masculine perfection.

From somewhere up in the ceiling, the voice of Eduardo dramatically announces, “Gentlemen, let me present to you Director Marvin Mainer, the man in charge of all MMDI time travel operations.”

All the young men start applauding at first, but when some start cheering aloud, the entire group bursts into a spontaneous vocal demonstration of their approval and respect for the man standing before them. Director Mainer allows himself to show how he is impressed by how the men have received him. He gestures with both hands downward to ask for their silence, but the men keep shouting their kudos to him. The general smiles proudly and allows them to continue for nearly two straight minutes.

“We may run out of time here—,” he jokes. The laughter he evoked in the men succeeds in calming them down so that he can address them at last.

“Gentlemen, thank you. I am so honored to stand before you as your commander of MMDI time travel operations.”

The men return to their very vocal approvals. Once again, the director gestures for them to calm themselves and listen to him. They soon stop their shouting.

“We are all here together today at this historic moment to dedicate this base deep inside the moon. As you know, we officially started time travel operations here just three hours ago. Two of our agents, Mutawn Chung, and, Karim Almasi, officially are on duty somewhere in the past. But, that’s all classified.”

All of the agents laugh as they know they must out of respect for the director.

“I am proud to have recruited each of you, personally. As part of the screening process that you each successfully navigated, I got to know you, man by man. You know that I always choose to be very direct. What I say to you today will not be any surprise, then.

“We have benefactors who came to our planet from beyond our local galaxies. They gave me a gift that turns out to have changed human history forever. You may have heard rumors that I did not consent to that gift. And, if that’s what you heard, then I’m here to tell you: What you heard was absolutely true.

“Like each of you, I am a recipient of our benefactors’ DNA. For me, that happened against my will. I am the first human being successfully to interact with our benefactors. Prior to me, there were other men who tried. Unfortunately, they died trying. I owe a debt of gratitude to them because of the lessons learned from their deaths. They gave their lives to make possible all that you see around you today. They gave their lives for all of us. I ask that we pause for a moment of silence in their memory.”

Director Mainer bows his head slightly and all of the agents in the room follow his lead. “Those men of MMDI all lived and died in an alternate timeline that you will never know. I was born in that alternate timeline. Our benefactors from a distant galaxy entered into a relationship with four of us humans in that alternate timeline because they wanted something specific from humanity. I owe you a complete explanation, but what I am about to tell you may seem impossible to you.

“All of you here today are part of the second generation of MMDI time travel agents. Those men who died were part of the first generation. You want to know: How is this possible? Today is the first day of our time travel operations on the moon. So, how could there have been others who came before?

“That first generation had no choice to receive the DNA of our benefactors. You, who are the second generation, made that choice deliberately. You and I are unlike any other human male on Earth. We carry the DNA of our benefactors inside us. We are free from illness and disease. We never grow older beyond the age we were when we accepted our benefactors’ DNA. We travel in time using our minds that have been greatly enhanced thanks to the benefactors’ DNA. If our life is somehow ended, the benefactors’ DNA allows others to use time travel to restores us to life once again exactly as we were before death. Just one of the benefits of DNA that spans more than merely three dimensions. So it is that we are immortals now. That gives us a great responsibility to the people of Earth and to one another here at MMDI. I will demand from each of you nothing less than a total acceptance and dedication to serve the greater good of the people of Earth and MMDI. You have so sworn such to me already in private. I merely remind you here today in front of everyone what you swore.

“Let me fill in certain gaps you have in your knowledge. In that other timeline where I was born, humanity developed the ability to travel in time to the past by using technology. What made time travel technology possible was Lunar Blue—a substance that centuries ago our benefactors left on the moon and humanity later found it there. Something was terribly flawed with humanity’s technological method of time travel. Just one simple flaw: The technology caused shock waves that traveled beyond our three dimensions outward into dimensions we humans will never experience. In that other timeline, the waves rippled outward on and on and on covering great and unimaginable distances from our planet. The waves reached the home planet of our benefactors. The waves caused significant damage on their home planet as well as throughout the local galaxy where their planetary system is. In that other timeline, humanity continued time travel operations using technology for nearly a century and a half, effecting wave after wave after wave of impact upon that distant planet we will never see and that galaxy just too far for any of us ever to reach. Did our benefactors leave Lunar Blue on the moon knowing humanity would use it to develop time travel technology? Was that some kind of test for humanity to pass or fail? We do not know the answers to those questions. Nor could we possibly know that we were creating multidimensional shock waves that caused great damage. Our benefactors were clear, however. They told us what they wanted: Stop the shock waves.”

Director Mainer pauses dramatically and, as expected, the men in the room react with stunned expressions on their faces after what the general has said. Some of the men look at one another is if to find answers in another man’s eyes.

“You do not need to become experts in the laws of physics to work within those laws every day here at MMDI. On each mission, you certainly can expect to become more comfortable accepting things within the laws of physics that may seem fantastic and strange. You will learn that people on Earth who live in one timeline never know of people and events from any other timeline. You will learn that whenever you, as a time traveler, change the past on one of your missions, your memories will be affected. You will remember what was before you made the changes. You also will remember how you changed things on your mission. You may find that your memories of your missions seem strangely out of synch with the rest of your memories. All this is natural within the laws of physics. You will get used to it. All of it.

“Perhaps the single most important law of physics is one you have all studied intensely. Required reading. In whatever actions you take while on a mission to the past on Earth, the impact of what you do creates a precisely circular zone of changes. That circular zone extends from the physical point on the surface of our planet where you changed the past. It goes all the way up and down in every direction in physical space extending to a distance of precisely thirty thousand kilometers. Anyone and anything outside that circular zone is not affected by the timeline changes. See MMDI situated our time travel base here on the moon, which conveniently always remains in orbit of Earth beyond that circular zone of change.

“In the alternate timeline, after I received the DNA of our benefactors, I traveled back in time and tried and failed to prevent a horrible disaster in the city of Nanchang, China. Over one and a half million people were killed in a nanosecond despite my efforts. Each and every one of you was born on Earth within the circular zone of changes. So, in your experience and your memories, what I just described in China is completely unknown to you.

“You never heard that the Chinese developed technology-based time travel. But, you have heard this: A military consortium of nations, including leadership provided by the United States of America, Europe, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil, pooled their political, financial and scientific resources to build this top-secret base here beneath the crater Clavius. The agency was named MMDI. That’s what happened in the alternative timeline. That alternate version of MMDI deployed technology to power human time travel for over a century.

“But, then I changed the timeline in past because that use of technology was very harmful to our benefactors. You and I are living and working here today in a completely different reality from what once was. I am excited for what you will see and what you will do in the line of duty. I am proud of each of you men. I know that you cannot wait to begin your journeys on behalf of MMDI.

“Let me close today by revealing a secret. The agency was given an acronym—MMDI. In that alternate timeline where the first generation of time travel agents used technology installed here on the moon, many of them speculated as to the meaning of the acronym. Some came to believe the acronym was some top-secret name that nobody could ever say aloud under penalty of death. That was only a slight exaggeration.”

There are some agents who laugh nervously in response to what the director has said.

“Actually, nobody was ever killed for mentioning what the acronym stood for. The first generation agents in that alternate timeline coined the phrase, ‘Moon Men Deep Inside’ as a code. Those four words start with the letters, em, em, dee, eye, and that is how the code phrase came to be. That was my number-one favorite attempt by anyone to explain the mysterious acronym. In truth, the acronym given to the first generation of MMDI was not even an acronym. It came from ancient Rome. The letters em, em, dee, eye in Roman numerals represents the number two thousand, five hundred, and one. That was the exact number of people who worked at starting the agency in that alternative timeline. So the Roman numerals were chosen as the name of the agency. But, today, as part of this dedication ceremony, I am going to reveal to you what may be a strange twist.”

The agents start whispering among themselves in surprise at what the director has said.

“Nobody but you gentlemen will know this. I will never repeat it. Nor shall any of you. Here we go. I had a terrifying personal experience when I was just a young boy growing up in Berkeley, California. Unlike most other African American parents, mine wanted to introduce their dark-skinned young boy to the artifacts of a completely different culture than their own. So began the tradition of my parents taking me to holiday festival parades held throughout the San Francisco Bay Area within the communities of people who had Asian ancestry. Some parades featured longstanding traditions of ancient Asian culture—a dancing dragon, specifically. Of course, we are wise now and we know that there are no such things as dragons. But, many ancient cultures on Earth believed otherwise. So, at one particular parade in the Bay Area, there was one important dancing dragon that entered my life. It was a giant puppet with young men deep inside who worked the various parts of the gigantic puppet with ropes and wood and whatever else. The effect on the street was quite stunning for the people watching, especially as the dragon danced vigorously to the enchanting music blasted very loudly that echoed off the buildings. It was so real and so stunning that it shared the shit of me as a four-year-old boy.”

All the agents respond by laughing.

“I can laugh now, too. But, for the longest time, I had a complete and utterly irrational fear of dragons. That one dragon dance during a Bay Area parade made a serious impression upon me as a four year-old. For years I had persistent nightmares involving frightening dragons. If he’s sufficiently honest with himself, every man can come to identify that one, singular thing that he fears more than everything else. My greatest fear has been dragons.

“The trick in life is to admit your greatest fear and then take action to end the fear. To move forward into a life without fear. Because surely we were not meant to live in pain and fear. So, now, the big secret you’ve been waiting for. I will reveal the name of the agency for this particular timeline.”

The director unfolds his arms and adopts a more relaxed stance on the elevated platform in the presence of all his men. The men relax accordingly. Every man allows his shoulders to drop and his fists to unclench. When the director sees that happen among his men, he says, “The two first letters both are ems. Those are easy. They represent the first letters of my full name, Marvin Mainer. The third letter is dee for dragon. The fourth and final letter is eye for icon. That little word has a big meaning—a picture or image of something important or metaphorical. So it is that those letters, em, em, dee, eye, represent a reminder for me: Marvin Mainer Dragon Icon. I learned from the fear that I conquered and became the man you see standing here before you today.”

The time travel agents in the oval room on the moon applaud enthusiastically and shout their approvals and acceptances strongly to Director Mainer. He nods his head in acknowledgement and displays a very proud expression on his face. But, then, he happens to glance down from his platform to see one particular agent at the front of the group—a masculine guy who should look confident and invincible, but whose face wears a very vulnerable expression.

And what have I done? All of this. My fault. Look at you. Your face betrays you. Susceptible. A new hybrid. Immortal time travelers. I surrendered our planet. To extraterrestrials. For what? So I would no longer be a terrified Black boy from Berkeley?

As he stands on the elevated platform, Director Mainer hears the voice of MMDI time travel agent Ted Agent coming from behind him, asking: “So, you think that you are coming unraveled, don’t you, sir?”

Director Mainer spins around quickly just to prove to himself that he is hallucinating. But, when his back is to group of agents in the room the general is surprised to actually see Ted Avila dressed in the official MMDI uniform and boots standing there with him on the elevated platform. “You’re not really here. I know that for a fact,” the director says aloud. “You died a long time ago.”

Ted Avila motions for Director Mainer to follow him and step off the stage. When the two men are alone together in a large room with row upon row of computerized technology installed in racks mounted to a metal grated floor, Ted Avila says, “Yes, you’re right, Director Mainer. I died. I was one of the first men to be injected with alien DNA. I died because the technology at the moon base could not process the alien DNA correctly. Some believe that Agent Wauneka and I were executed. That was incorrect. But, I don’t care now. I have died many times. On missions. Sometimes afterwards. Resurrected from the dead many times, too. All thanks to MMDI.”

“You’re a ghost, Agent Avila,” Director Mainer concludes.

“I am alive,” Ted Avila says. “You can choose to perceive of me as though I am inside your brain. But, I think like you think. I feel like you feel.”

“Yeah, well, I have a lot of experience with guys like you who show up uninvited inside my head,” the director explains. “Dani Zaman, for example. He seemed very real to me. It seemed that we could be with one another in the physical world. Sexually, that is. It felt great. He also was changed because of alien DNA. Same is true about Vincent Wauneka. All three of you were forever changed against your will by alien DNA. Your eyes turned blue. What I have in me today in some mixture of you three men’s DNA and memories and passions, etc. You’re merely ghosts with blue eyes coming back to haunt me. That’s the only explanation that is possible.”

“That’s your opinion,” Ted Avila says with a smile.

The director explains: “The electrochemical remains of you, Wauneka, and a third MMDI agent, Dani Zaman, all ended up inside my brain. The DNA from our benefactors made all that happen. I accept that. The very essence of you three men ended up in the alien DNA and that DNA is now inside me. We’re stuck together now. Inside my brain. Forever. Just tell me what you came here to tell me and then leave me alone.”

“This will make sense in just a little bit,” Ted Avila says reassuringly. He leads Director Mainer through a seemingly endless collection of computerized technology installed in racks. “Right now, we are twenty-nine levels below the room where you were speaking to all the new agents just a few minutes ago. All around us down here is the latest technology—those electrochemical memory systems that you were a specialist using in the other timeline in Washington, DC. This equipment will keep track of all that MMDI needs to keep track of from all the missions to repair timelines on Earth. And these are the memory systems that make Eduardo possible.”

“I’m fed up with you,” the director says as he stops walking. “I do not intend to keep talking with you.”

“Listen to yourself, sir. Trying to explain to yourself what you’re experiencing,” Ted Avila says as he points to his left. “Just a little farther down this way. Please. Soon this will all make sense. I assure you of that.”

The director keeps following Ted Avila through the racks of technology. After reaching the wall of the gigantic room housing the technology, Ted Avila enters a circular opening that is bigger than a man’s height. Director Mainer follows Agent Avila through a short, circular hallway that opens into a sublunar cavern. The director stops when he realizes he is standing in a manmade cavern. “This looks big enough to hold an entire football arena like on Earth!” Director Mainer says aloud to Ted Avila.

“Exactly, sir,” Ted Avila says as he brushes his right hand against a panel on the wall of the cavern causing lights to shine down from far above to reveal a thick glass wall separating the two men from circular objects bigger than a human. “This was constructed down here to hold containers of Lunar Blue in precisely the correct temperature and with zero atmosphere.”

Director Mainer’s eyes open wide as the light allows him to see thousands upon thousands of circular containers. “I thought the Chinese had stored all the Lunar Blue in containers like this on Earth,” he can barely manage to say. He clears his throat and explains, “I remember destroying all the Lunar Blue containers in China causing the Nanchang inferno that killed so many people. I was afraid that I was also killing alien life inside Lunar Blue.”

Ted Avila says with a smile, “No alien life was lost in the Nanchang inferno. Only humans died at Nanchang. What’s important here is that you went on to implement time travel for human beings that does not require the use of technology. Nor the use of Lunar Blue. You saved everything. Made it the way it was supposed to turn out.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Director Mainer asks angrily.

“Lunar Blue was required for time travel technology. The human use of Lunar Blue for time travel technology caused serious problems for our benefactors whose DNA we both have inside us today,” Ted Avila says. “Ripple effects across dimensions. All those ripples hurt our benefactors in their home galaxy. They wanted those damaging ripple effects to stop. You brought that about. Were it not for their DNA, you would never have been able to implement this new form of human time travel that uses no technology. This is how it was meant to turn out. You made it all happen.”

Director Mainer explains, “I have given hundreds of men over to our benefactors. Each and every man willingly accepted to receive agonizingly painful injections of alien DNA that I prepared for them. Just so humans could travel in time using their enhanced brains instead of using Lunar Blue. I have to live with that now. I will carry that with me for as long as I am alive.”

“But, Director Mainer, as you know quite well, were it not for the use of time travel to repair timelines in the past, human civilization would be speeding inevitably towards self-destruction,” Ted Avila says with certainty.

“Yes, of course, I know that,” the director replies. “I know now that time travel is necessary for human civilization to survive. You were the first man to travel in time without technology. The DNA from our benefactors made that possible. Yet, what did I do? I ended up betraying by own species to extraterrestrials just so human civilization could keep using time travel.”

“The actual truth is something very different entirely,” Ted Avila says. “Lunar Blue was a liquid transmitter, so to speak. It was merely a means of conveyance used by the aliens. The moon has had Lunar Blue deep inside in these containers that you see here all around for many centuries.”

“How did Lunar Blue get here?” Director Mainer asks.

“The aliens exist in several dimensions simultaneously,” Ted Avila says. “Human beings have accepted that there are great distances the separate planet Earth from the home galaxy where our benefactors originated. But, that comes from thinking as a human. And, human minds are stuck in only three dimensions. Not so the aliens. From their perspective, their home planet is not some great distance away from planet Earth. Their home planet is right here, right now along with planet Earth. It would be accurate to say that their home planet is here next to and inside planet Earth. And also next to and inside the moon. And also next to and inside Mars and Neptune and so on.”

Director Mainer is so stunned that he has to lean against the cavern wall to keep from collapsing.

“No problem,” Ted Avila replies. “Kind of overwhelming. What matters most is the alien life with one particular kind of DNA from another galaxy developed a thirst for DNA found only on Earth. Found only in human beings.”

“Thirst?” Director Mainer asks. “They drink our DNA?”

“The aliens do not have language like we have, sir.” Ted Avila admits. “That’s an approximate meaning. Rather awkward in how I just made it sound. Not like the aliens are vampires that want to drink our blood. I’m sorry about that characterization. The aliens do not communicate like humans do. They do not have genders and they do not have sexual interaction like we do. That’s what I’m trying to explain here. The aliens are attracted to us males because of our sexual needs and behaviors.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Director Mainer replies angrily.

“When Vincent Wauneka and I were injected with alien DNA, our benefactors gained an immediate connection to the both of us,” Ted Avila explains. “We were networked in, so to speak, with the aliens across space and time. They quickly experienced for the very first time what we men take for granted. What an erection feels like. How sexual interaction feels. The amazing feelings from an ejaculation during orgasm. They knew none of this before they became connected to Vincent Wauneka and me.”

The director stands in silence looking into Ted Avila’s deep blue eyes.

“You know I’m telling you the truth,” Ted Avila says. “You know this with certainty because our minds are connected. I could not lie to you even if I wanted to.”

“Just as I felt the physical and emotional sensations of sex with Dani Zaman,” Director Mainer says.

“Yes,” Ted Avila says. “The aliens did not know they were missing what we know as part of our basic biology. I can only imagine how it must have felt to them. Perhaps like experiencing their first caffeine rush. Totally addicted now.”

“Except we’re not talking about mere caffeine,” Director Mainer says quickly. “We talking about men’s erections and ejaculations during orgasm. Far more powerful than caffeine, don’t you think?”

Ted Avila smiles and nods. “I told you already. The aliens do not have language. The meanings are being transferred from them to me and then from me to you imprecisely.”

“They can’t have ejaculations. But, because we men do, that’s why these aliens crave our DNA?” the director asks.

“Another inaccurate description using human language,” Ted Avila says.
“Our benefactors became addicted to physical and emotional sensations they never felt before,” Director Mainer says.

“We got something from them,” Ted Avila says. “Time travel capability without technology using just our mental energy and will. And, in exchange, the aliens get to experience sexual feelings and orgasmic ejaculations that all human males experience.”

Director Mainer says, “Our benefactors so much more powerful and advanced than us. Yet, they need us human males and they want us for that one thing they cannot get on their own anywhere else—the intense feelings and unique release of sexuality.”

Ted Avila replies, “And to our benefactors, it doesn’t matter at all if it’s a man having sexual activity with another man. Or a man having sex with a female. Or just by himself. Our benefactors only care about male sexual responses and behaviors. Well, I’m sure they also care about the human species continuing, but only because the continuation of the species produces more males who can experience sexual feelings and release.”

“And you believe that this is what was supposed to happen?” Director Mainer asks. “What I did to change time is what was meant to be?”

“Yes, I do believe that,” Ted Avila responds. “I have searched for answers for a very long time. Now I finally understand. All those times I lost my life finally make sense to me. A deeper purpose was always there. I just never saw it.”

“What deeper purpose?”

Ted Avila says, “You brought it to reality, sir. I died. So did Vincent Wauneka and Dani Zaman. Because we died, you learned of a better way to combine human DNA with our benefactors’ DNA. It was all leading up to the creation of a new hybrid species on Earth.”

“Are you—all three of you—actually dead?”

“I don’t understand how this works, sir,” Ted Avila admits. “But, you concluded that we exist because of our three DNA and memories and passions continuing to exist within your brain’s electrochemical processes. So, that got me thinking. Perhaps you could use time travel to bring us all back from the dead. I think we’ve earned that, don’t you?”

Director Mainer admits, “We know we can cheat death by using time travel to bring agents back to life.”

“So how about it, sir?” Ted Avila asks. “You could restore me, Wauneka, and Zaman using time travel. I think the three of us would be very useful to MMDI especially as mentors to the current group of agents. We all know the work. All the possible angles. The three of us could guide the new generation of agents. That would be our new mission.”

“Not so sure that I want to bring the three of you back,” the director says.

“Sir, please think of your overall physical and emotional life. You would get the three of us out of your head by bringing us back as living, breathing individuals. Restore peace and quiet in your own thoughts like you used to have. Once we’re brought back, sir, all three of us would owe you. There is nothing that each of us would ever refuse to do for you. If you take my meaning, sir.”
Director Mainer says nothing. He smiles knowingly and nods his head at Ted Avila because the director understands what he must do next.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

A few months later, Director Mainer says, “Welcome back to the world of the living, gentlemen.”

He is addressing Vincent Wauneka, Ted Avila, and Dani Zaman. “Welcome back to the moon. Time travel and the DNA from our benefactors together has made it possible for me to resurrect each of you successfully. I restored the three of you to the same excellent physical condition that you enjoyed before you died. Next, I will explain your reentry process with this agency.”

The three former MMDI time travel agents stand with their wrists bound behind their backs. The looks on their faces suggest that they realize how doomed they area held helplessly in subservient, vulnerable positions wearing male stripper thongs that nobody would consider protective clothing.

“Mr. Avila gave me this idea,” the director says. “Perhaps our benefactors planted this idea in Mr. Avila’s brain. Did our benefactors want the three of you resurrected for some reason? Who knows?  I want you to know this: I didn’t want you three remaining as electrochemical signals inside my brain. That was extremely intrusive to me. Annoying, too. So, I restored you all to the status of living and breathing. I got you outta my brain at last.”

“Director Mainer, may I ask one question,” Ted Avila wants to know.

“No, you just shut the fuck up,” the director replies. “I only want to hear the sounds of your voices when you are crying out in agony, or, when I allow you to ejaculate.” The three men remain speechlessness.

Director Mainer explains: “Well, that’s terrible of me. I have to apologize for saying that. I’ve been feeling especially angry lately. Not sure why that is.”

Dani Zaman quickly says, “Director Mainer, perhaps what you’re feeling and what you perceive are byproducts of having the DNA from our benefactors inside you.”

When he unexpectedly lets down his guard, Director Mainer admits, “Yeah. Way ahead of you on this. Known for some time about unintended consequences of the DNA from our benefactors.”

“Like what?” Dani Zaman quickly responds.

“Nothing serious,” Director Mainer says with a grin. “Sudden and sustained outbursts of intense anger. Persistent deep depression. Wanting to kill. Myself. Kill others.”

“Are you going to kill us all, Director Mainer?” asks Vincent Wauneka. “After you just resurrected us?”

Tears of shame begin to form in Director Mainer’s eyes as he answers: “No, of course not. I had to set you free. Before my brain is completely gone. One of the medical techs whipped up something for me. Injections.” Director Mainer walks to a nearby surface and with his right hand retrieves a small metallic device with the shape and size of a matchbook. “This stuff. Just gotta shoot the sauce into my neck.” He demonstrates the injection process by holding the device closely to the right side of his neck. He grimaces from the obvious pain it causes him.

“What does it do?” Dani Zaman asks.

“Not sure,” Director Mainer replies as he wipes away his tears. “Temporary containment? Is that the right way to express it? Makes me feel&mdash. Uh, more like I once used to feel.”

“What about us? What happens to the three of us?” Dani Zaman asks.

Director Mainer answers as he seems to be getting more disoriented: “Reassigned. Into regular rotation for missions. Like you did before.”

“Why did you restrain us and make us wear these?” Ted Avila asks.

“So you three would not overpower me. So I would appear threatening. I had planned to do terrible things,” Director Mainer says slowly with apparent difficulty speaking. “Sauce slows me down. Planned to—. Take your lives. Over and over. You would remember every death. Every resurrection. Push the boundaries. Of your sanity.”

“That seems especially cruel, sir,” Dani Zaman says.

“Yeah. Not gonna do that to you guys now,” Director Mainer replies even more slowly than before. “Told security. Those big brutes upstairs. They know. They will monitor. Me. You three. Protect you. Gave them specific orders. And when I die, they do not resurrect me. Scatter my ashes. Topside. On the dark ice of Clavius.”

Personal log of Director Marvin Mainer: Log entry #2807466.83 — Nine minutes, twenty seconds into the sixteenth hour, Luna Time. Sixteen, Four, Twenty-One Ninety-Seven. Catching up. Gotta do my logs. More regularly. While I still am able. Six months ago. Brought Agents Avila, Wauneka, and Zaman back to life. Told them about my brain deteriorating. And about my newfound addiction. This sauce. I inject into my blood. Into my neck. Wow. Momentary escape. All the agents know now. They gotta keep going. Avila and Wauneka are stepping up. Natural leaders. They can take over control of MMDI after I’m gone. But, they seem obsessed. They were affected. In Geneva. That gigantic statue.

Avila and Wauneka. Spiritual leaders? I see it happening. Two guys creating a new religion. Deep inside the moon. To give homage. And obedience. To the one true blue God.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

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