Diversity and Inclusion

Commentary by Madeira Desouza

Baja Clavius is queer science fiction for adults 18+ only with an unusually strong diversity minus stereotyping. There is no racism here at all like you will find in real life wherever gay men can be found.

In Baja Clavius major gay male characters are masculine gay men who are African American, Arabic, Asian, Latino, and Native American Indian (among other ethnic groups.) These characters go against the grain of typically insulting cultural stereotypes of gay men who usually are depicted as flamboyant or effeminate.

The character images, names, and descriptions from left to right are:

  1. Ted Avila (time travel agent), whose surname is found in French, Latino, and Portuguese people.
  2. Back row, Dani Zaman (time travel agent) born to American parents in the State of Qatar; his first name in Arabic means near or close; his surname in Arabic means time or age or era.
  3. Middle row, Markus Tagawa (director of time travel operations), Japanese American.
  4. Back row, Nicholas Cruz, Mexican American born in Arizona.
  5. Front row, Marvin Mainer (director of time travel operations), African American.
  6. Back row, Anthony Marugo (time travel agent), Japanese American.
  7. Front row: Vincent Wauneka (time travel agent), Native American Indian born in the Navajo Nation.

Anthony Marugo

If you’re thinking “I prefer white guys” when you see the images of the Baja Clavius characters, your are incorrect in how you express yourself.

You can correctly say I prefer Pepperoni pizza and dislike all the rest. But, whenever you say I prefer white guys, you are expressing to the world one simple truth: YOU ARE BEING RACIST.

If you do not prefer to read queer sci-fi stories or view images of gay male characters who are other than all-white, I am asking you to leave right now.

I choose diversity and inclusion. This means I do not hang out with people who are racists or who exhibit racist behaviors or speech.


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