Continuing Stories — The Baja Clavius Sequel

Time Travel Adventures: The Continuing Stories of Baja Clavius

I am Madeira Desouza. After you have finished reading Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside, I want to invite you to experience the sequel, Baja Clavius: A Blood Moon Rising, written and illustrated by me:

Continuing stories about the MMDI time travel agency on the moon are presented in episode format.

The first three episodes of Baja Clavius: A Blood Moon Rising are available right here for free downloading.

The First Three Episodes:

Episode 1: Penis Envy Ranch

An African American man unexpectedly becomes the designated leader of a top-secret time travel agency of all-gay male agents deep under the crater Clavius on the moon. His first week on the job requires him to deal with a new organized religion on the moon established by some of the time-travel agents to worship extraterrestrial aliens from a distant galaxy.

Episode 2: Revelation 6
The time travel agency leader sends himself forward in time to stop the organized religion formed at Clavius base to worship extraterrestrials. He is killed in rioting that breaks out at the lunar base between those who believe in the new religion versus those who do not. Time travel is used to resurrect the leader after he has been beheaded multiple times.

Episode 3: All Worship The Blue
Desperate fighting at the lunar base intensifies between religious gang members and their opponents, the anti-religion agents. Many young time-travel agents lose their lives. Preventing the religious gang’s destruction of the lunar base depends entirely upon the time travel agency leader. But, he must choose to use extremely violent tactics for the greater good.

Episode 4: Hero Rewarded

The unusual behaviors of a few young men produce a shocking outcome. The lives of hundreds of time travel agents at Baja Clavius are forever changed. Are are these men living their final days on the moon? Will the top-secret time travel agency, itself, survive?

Episode 5: I’m Edward, the First    COMING SOON

The lunar base gets someone new in charge and immediately he expands the level of cruelty and violence. Will such aggressive tactics work to keep unruly time travel agents under control? Has the time travel agency become an organization that must rely upon human slavery tactics to remain viable and effective?

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