Continuing Stories — The Baja Clavius Sequel

Time Travel Adventures: The Continuing Stories of Baja Clavius

I am Madeira Desouza. After you have finished reading Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside, I want to invite you to experience the sequel, Baja Clavius: A Blood Moon Rising, written and illustrated by me:

Continuing stories about the MMDI time travel agency on the moon are presented in episode format.

The first three episodes are available right here for free downloading.

The First Three Episodes:

Episode 1: Penis Envy Ranch

Episode 2: Revelation 6

Episode 3: All Worship The Blue

Starting with Episode 4, the FREE DISTRIBUTION OF NEW EPISODES will be done by email only. This means the future episodes will NOT be posted online here or anywhere else.

Send one email request today to Madeira Desouza directly at so you can automatically receive all future episodes by email.

You don’t want to miss out on getting these future episodes!

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